As I woke up this morning I saw you appear

I said in my sleep “what are you doing here”

You talked as usual over my spoken words

Telling me you were working with a bunch of nerds


I asked you to sit and talk to me slow

Just want to listen and see your beautiful glow

We haven’t spoken together for a while

Your image appearing made me wonder and smile


And then I awoke and noted this dream

I began wondering really where you have been

All this time no contact so distant and far

I can’t travel to you even by a car


We should resume this talk and vision soon

Definitely before the next full moon

I pray you are well no matter what

Knowing you, you’re in a place so hot


If you think of me too then that is a sign

We should get together and enjoy a glass of fine wine

Laughing and joking just like we did before

Until we curl up and fall on the floor


This dream of mine it was so real

My friend is more important than any deal

Missing you now I recall your smiling face

I am sure to see you in outer space


Be well be sure and continue in vain

Maybe one day again in Spain!


I love you my friend!

2015-04-16 13.55.00


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Four Forty Four!

I woke this morning at four forty four

But there was no knock at my front door

Deep inside my heart I felt that deep love

Sent from my Angels and Guides up above


These feelings are new, I was once afraid

But sense the guiding path I have laid

Ahead of me, I made that decision

To leave behind my ego prison


I can only see the yellow brick road

Full of life and love with the occasional toad

I hear each morning the early bird’s song

Helping me to be aware, I shall do no wrong


This new beginning is so clear and pure

No matter what I have had to endure

Open eyes and mind to all the signs

Together we shall endure and sip fine wines


Nature is growing and is full of light

No longer a need for that daily fight

The ego now, no longer in control

That journey has passed over that bridge and troll


Into the looking glass and enjoy tea party fun

No need to hide or be on the run

What we seek we shall see inside our heart

Rising above is what sets us apart


No more in fear of what shall be

Living life in peace and harmony

2014-10-01 16.44.57

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With each sunrise a new day begins

2015-04-26 06.01.18

With each sunrise a new day begins

A new dawn awakes all the bird’s wings

The sound of the morning cockerel’s and crows

Followed by the ducks as the river flows


It is time to rise and begin this new day

I wonder whether everything will be Okay

For sure my eyes can see clearly now

All the things I should do and how


I am full of the wonderful things from life

Today I shall be the one to overcome all the strife

I am myself, and I am who I am meant to be

It could be my last day here for all eternity


Please do not walk in front or behind me

Come by my side and let us see what can be

Our life today is for living and loving

Who I am is all I am honestly giving


It may not be perfect every day

But deep inside us we can find a way

To make a life full of peace and joy

For us and our family to fulfill and enjoy


Until tomorrow this new day shall endure

Our love for each other is something so pure

My visions are clear and my actions proud

I no longer hide under the big black shroud


My journey today is all I need to know

With all that I am I will always grow

With crystal clear thoughts and a passion strong

My wonderful life will be pure and long


No matter with whom or where I shall be

I pray each day to be happy and free

To learn and love what life presents

And not to harbor pain and resent


Today, or tomorrow I know who and what I am

I am me, and always will be ….my own man.

Deane Thomas – 9th January 2015.

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Awakening and Soul Cleansing!

This journey is intense and sometimes hard

Not like kicking a ball in the yard

The years of hidden events come to mind

Now I can see them, no longer blind


To process these things inside my brain

Bringing to the surface all that pain

How much longer can it last

Until it stays in the deep past


Today I am lost and wonder why

I want to laugh instead I cry

But I know that this is all a must

Without this I can not have the trust


Of all the things that guide me now

A new adventure I know not how

I must surrender and release all of this

And get beyond the deep blue abyss


Please give me strength and wisdom now

So that I may learn and grow somehow

I scream out loud, please set me free

So I can see the colour and harmony


Deep colours that are all new and clean

I see the message that I should glean

Surrender and acceptance to my hidden life

To close the book on all that strife


Once this is done I will see the light

You show me this each and every night

I believe that I am close and nearly there

But you show me more, that hidden glare


It’s shining brighter, now I can see

One day closer to that perfect harmony

Stay by my side and in my reality

To allow me to reach that eternity


I am able to see this clearly now

I will get there some way and some how

Thank you for all your love and care

Now I am fully and truly aware


I am strong and brave flying high like a dove

Surrendering to your one and only unconditional love.


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Five Fifty Five!

Twin Flames Morning Dew

Five Fifty Five

I was woken this day at five fifty five

Just to remind me that I am alive

Today as I began my fiftieth year

I truly appreciate all that is dear


I saw the morning sun awake

Reminded me of a time near a lake

This year I will make and create all that I need

Also give something and time for a good deed


I know my path I have laid it before

Behind me I have closed that dark door

Forty nine I have lived fifty more to go

Oh I feel alive so much more to grow


I will make it fun and I cannot wait

For sure remember this time and date

I am coming for my love to bring you home

This is a journey we shall do together not alone


These things I know and feel inside

And not afraid I shall not hide

I saw the light, it woke me up

Now I am just like a pup


Today I live, tomorrow shall be

Most important is I am finally ME!

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