A post from Amy Thomas – Aged 13

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Our Childrens Truth – Through a Child’s Eyes

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What truth our children have to share with the world!  There comes a time for everything, and spiritual growth is always inevitable.  As parents it is hard for us to comprehend half of what our children expereince every time they go into society, I have always encouraged my children to express themselves fully and without fear of back lash, but like me they have to learn their own way.

I do recall Amy being bullied last year and I did all that I could to counsel her whilst being separated by 12000 miles, since she has returned (home) to live with me, we have both grown to live with each other again.  Now she is opening up and beginning to share her inner feelings, and for that I am blessed and proud.

As parents we have a major role to play, but so do others who come into contact or interact with them, there is a strong message in he words which I share below.  I am a proud father that finally she can share her own truth, and move forward knowing all is going to be OK.  Listen to your kids they have a strong message of love to share, let’s try and show them how to get intouch with their inner core and be able to share it freely.

Why do I have to be hated?

Did I do something wrong? People don’t appreciate me for who I am, and the only way I get their attention is by being fake, being someone I’m not. It really hurts knowing. I can’t be my self so basically a lot of people don’t know the real me,a part of my family and friends.

When I lived in Australia I got bullied for being my self so I forced my self to be different to not be me. I understand I did the wrong thing by changing but I did it for a reason, because I didn’t want to be bullied.

Now I know what it’s like to be pushed around, being called names, being in a lot of arguments and being blamed for everything. All the friends I had we’re fake nothing but back stabbers, I really don’t understand then talk behind their back.

I fell so sorry for them and I know I shouldn’t but I just do, I don’t know why but when you look at it, it isn’t their fault for being like that it’s just that their parent either didn’t raise them well it they are just bullying people to be cool.

That is the only reason I changed, and that is the only reason my parents are disappointed in me for changing who I am, but now I understand why I should be my self… Every one be yourself you shouldn’t worry about what other people think of you because remember that is only their opinion…

As William Shakespeare once said ” Love all, trust a few and do wrong to no one.”

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