Power Of Love – Can You Feel It?

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The Power of Love!

power of love twin flamesLifting the veils of illusion does cause strange things to happen to any individual, especially when they reach the real truth of who they are. When we have taken the time and opportunity to truly acknowledge the inner core of self, we really do become “crazy!”

A eureka moment occurs and we finally get to make the acquaintance with a most powerful energy. It defies all we have ever been shown and told how it could or should be. We begin to act in a new way, we see everything form a different perspective, we see the potential we have.

Then we begin to explore this latest discovery that has been hidden for what seems an eternity. Finally, we begin to realise that this powerful energy is truly spectacular, and is capable of so many things. Others will look at us strangely, and may even mock us, but one thing is for sure, the power of that energy will rise above all of this.

Welcome to the beginning of a truly momentous celebration for everything and for everyone. We have the ability to tap into this energy, and connect with others. That energy we begin to tap into is true unconditional love. Together, as a collective, we can begin to spread the love to one and all, without condition or expectations.

Sticks and stones and all that jazz, it is time to raise the vibration of this planet, no matter what we may be called or others think.  Feel the power of love, and share it with all and in everything that you do, each and every day from this day forward.  Tune in to the power of love, and allow it to shine as it deserves to, for all to see and touch.

So you can call me crazy, I will always love you!


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