A priceless gift from one to another – I love you!

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Have You Heard These Words?

Many are afraid of these words, many say them cheaply or for an ulterior motive, many don’t know what these words mean, many have never heard them, but these words can heal so much.

I was drawn to this particular author this morning, for no particular reason – and then the words in the writing triggered a realisation or knowing. He says “When you recover your integrity, you always follow love”, incredibly this really does sum it all up quite nicely!

Recover You Integrity and live the love askdeano

I can look back throughout my life and say very openly and honestly that I have loved very few, with all my heart and soul, always given freely all of me without expectation. At times when going through some crazy shit a part of me always wanted something from them. Whether it was appreciation, help, support or just to be held, and then this is when the issues began.

One thing I know about this life is that my perception of love is not the one that my parents showed me – I rejected this template for it was twisted from the very beginning, love can not be shared through violence or aggression. My grandparents shared their love with me, they allowed me to explore my desires through connecting with animals and activities, exploration and freedom, and this is love to be shared freely and openly.

My grandfather was a hard working man who gave his time and energy freely to anyone who sought it, a characteristic I share even to this day. Throughout my life I have made decisions that have not always been wise through others eyes, but were necessary for me to get to this point in my life today.

The decisions we all make throughout our life journey, the things we have to confront, experience and conquer to get to a place of complete peace with ourselves. Many apply labels and judge others for what they do and say, or for their actions – this is a societal template and one that has never sat well with me.

As life has progressed, I have been aware of a life purpose, a part of me wishing to see and explore, seeking for something or nothing, a zest for learning, sharing and teaching. Experiencing all that is, following a soul path – but at the same time running away from issues. They say as we get older we get wiser, this is very true! I am aware of at least 3 occassions in my life where my soul has taken me to a place of healing of my inner self and external influences. The series of events that occurred in 2014 were a grand slam of firm messages and situations – it is now time to put this into action.

Awakening to the true authentic being is a massive battle, it is a series of battles against oneself, of our own beliefs and patterns, of our family and friends, as well as the enemy within. This is a war, a war of consciousness, ego vs soul, mind over matter, truth vs lies. It is a process that is incredibly challenging, and many do not manage to endure this battle. For those that do, they reach a place of complete nothingness, which is at the same time a place of everythingness (if these words exist).

Place of Integrity!

So, this is the place of integrity – we are in our own truth, we are free to love unconditionally knowing that this is true. We have learned so much throughout our lives, we can now apply all that wisdom and put this to a wonderful purpose of sharing love with humanity. We know now that the truth of ourselves is the key to the unconditional love we are. As I have said before, we are the lock and the key, as well as the master of all that is. We control the two mechanisms to unconditional love.

I am grateful for those who have helped and shared this last two years with me, there is no more surrender to the ego.  It is integrity and love all the way to the end of days. For it is this love that will balance the planet and the way it functions for eternity. It is our love for each other that is the leading light, I look forward to keeping the lighthouse burning bright!

Thank you for being part of my life – I love you

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