Love Ramblings – 5 February 2018

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Change The Outcome With Love!

Far too many judge others based on an old thought, paradigm or experience. We have the power to remove these illusions and create a new experience or encounter with those we have connected with during our lives. It’s the old saying “Never judge a book by it’s cover!”, for we will never know what is new inside if we constantly keep an old image in our mind.

Love is the cure for most, if not all of man’s ailments and issues. It is something we shall apply to everything and everyone we come across. It is quite a simple thing to ask our self “what would love do now?”. At that moment, we claim our power and see a new picture, and that is the purpose.

We have all done and said things in the past from an ego moment, and that is often the breaking point of any connection. Apply empathy and look it the situation from a higher perspective, and the truth will be revealed. There are many reasons why we cross paths with others, or why we wish to explore ideas and wisdom with others.

There is a reason we connect with all that is, and it is not only to learn a lesson, but also to create a path that is in alignment with our highest good. Far too many hold on to previous experiences with others as a bench mark for the future. This in itself is an illusion, and one that does not serve well in our lives.

The essence of man and love is to be open to all that is, in what ever format or structure it appears. We shall be open to explore everything that comes to us, in a new and open way. All doors are open for discovery and truth, it would be a shame to keep them closed forever!!

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