Reconnecting in the physical!

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Reconnecting with your twin in the physical!

11209694_967826706575201_7475534352396316171_nI promised that I would share some news regarding an interesting development in my personal journey,  10 days ago I wrote to my twin, and she agreed that we shall speak on 29th July after her vacation, I had kept this a closely guarded secret (except to a few trusted members of my soul family) – there was actually no anxiety, anticipation or thinking of what may or may not transpire.  There was the occasional ego coming out to play, but this was quickly put back into check.  For this time I had a zest to relax and take the time for myself, as well as focus on clearing the 3D essentials.

So yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of speaking with my twin for the first time in 6 months or so, I was not too nervous although I did have the feeling of being a new pupil in a new school, as one friend said to me “little boy”.  I can say that our conversation was not about our personal lives, but a way of being involved in something together as part of my mission of healing and helping others.  The conversation went very well, but I could sense the need to keep things very much focused on here and now, we did not talk about the past, we even managed to have a laugh or two.  Because of the nature of the call we will chat again in the coming days – so for now we will both be involved in a project that allows us to help others heal and grow on their own journeys’.

There was a point in the chat where we discussed one of my daughters who was very close to my twin – we had a mature discussion about the situation, and I left it for them to decide between them what happens in the future. I will not encourage or discourage what happens.

What I can say in conclusion of the first “physical” connection (voice call), I do believe that our final test is really building a completely new physical bond between us, based on all the new templates we have within us.  The past does not exist in the connection any longer, so it literally is like being two new beings starting again from ground zero.  We can not take anything for granted, or expect anything – they are living their lives however they are today, and we have to respect that at all levels.  It does feel like one of the final tests in this Twin Soul connection is the melding/merging again, and I strongly believe this can only take place face to face – where you can look see and touch.  It is only then our true connection can be fully allowed to emerge.

What I share below is an extract from my diary – the names have been removed for obvious reasons 🙂  So there was some magic created yesterday, I am happy, yet today have also cleared some other lower vibrations that need to be cleared, my kids are also doing the same through coughing and feeling like the flu.  This is an amazing journey, that is so undefinable and inexplicable, it is the biggest test of my life to date.


I spoke to my daughter this morning, and she was crying – and it breaks my heart to see this, she was talking about them, and I do realise that this connection is embedded in her soul. She tells me that she cant talk to her mother about how she feels, she wants to come home to me, She wants to speak to them, and she is afraid they will forget her.  I explained that we had spoken and that we had mentioned this.  I will do my best to build the trust between us.  She was also saying that Oh this is how you both started, she remembers the story how we met at work, started having coffee, then lunch the dating etc I am not sure I shared this story with her before, but she remembers as if it was yesterday.

 My daughter is a very sensitive soul, and is now developing her music skills and core – which is amazing how she is growing, she complained she could not draw, and remembered something my twin said  to her about not being able to make a mistake in art…I showed her a picture of a flower twin drew me 4 years ago, and then she drew it herself in front of me, and well it was virtually the same.

The toll this is taking is deep inside of us all, and I know we are very wise and old souls, I cannot begin to describe how I feel the way it affects my beautiful daughter and to see her also going through the pain of this separation, I really do wonder why we signed up for this complete breaking down of 3D values and cores.  Is this the final letting go that we must encounter to be at complete peace and at One – it is a heavy lesson to learn particularly for the young ones we love the most.  I must believe that the end result is one of pure happiness, tranquillity and incredible love we have never felt before, have to keep going through the fog to get to the lighthouse.  It is amazing how our twins trigger these inward explorations, perhaps there are more things I must do to finally get to the place I need to be at.

Anyway, I wrote my beloved an email this morning, I am not dancing or playing, although some will believe this is a narcissist at work, I know that I am not.  I don’t know what else to do or say, but I realise that whatever we do from here is a completely new agenda and foundation – it can never be the same It has to be new, and perhaps we will do the same as we did before in the way we bonded and melded to reach the divine union – this is what it seems like, and as if this is the final test of our true self and our twin also – should we be able to build or reconnect again at this new frequency all will be as we were promised when we agreed to this, not sure your views on this though!!

I love you and I do look for some guidance in this

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