Reflection of 2016 – Where are we now?

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An Incredible Year of Change and Growth

As we approach the festive season, and the end of another year in our lives, we can reflect on a great year of change and growth.  When we look at life cycles and patterns, perhaps we can see some resemblance to 9, 18 or even 27 years ago.  Do you see a similar situation to your present time line?  Do you see a cohesive pattern emerging?  I feel this year in particular has been one that has driven us to purge like never before, to face all our demons and put them to sleep.  As we approach the final days of 2016, there will be the “dregs” to deal with, and we will also close those issues successfully.

 It seems this past year or so has really forced us to dig deep and clear the slate, in readiness for a higher calling, or to be a higher aspect of ourselves.  Man has this tremendous inability and lack of desire to be vulnerable.  It is so often viewed as a weakness, particularly in relationships and socially.  Vulnerability is not a weakness, it is an incredible strength, and a priceless asset.

Society, through various forms of media, has tried to portray and  determine the various roles each of us plays, but there are many, like me and you who do not fit that image.  Then begins a whole series of alternative labels, that just go to show us how misinformed and misguided society is.  There is something society in general does not quite seem to understand, and that is we all have a masculine and feminine aspect to us.

Energy Within Us

In a lot of cases there is also a misconception about gender specific energies also.  I, for one, carry far more feminine aspects in my character.  I know ladies who carry far more masculine attributes in their character.  These energies are what make us who we are, and for so long we have never been able to express them freely.  If we don’t fit into a particular box we are abnormal, when in fact the complete opposite applies.  It just requires a deeper understanding about the way we are created, and our purpose here on earth.  Science is reluctant to explore these areas, as they are afraid of the answers, they are afraid of the truth.

As a man, I am not afraid to cry, or show love, or to express my inner feelings, in fact I am not afraid of anything.  But, there was a time when I used to be, and this is when the downward spiral begins.  When we are afraid, or live in fear of another, we allow ourselves to be a victim, or slave.  This is a societal template, that has really just snowballed as time has passed.  Today it is very easy to install fear.  We, as a race are so dependent on technology, that a simple mistake, can lead to a mass evacuation or crisis.  This is the way that all forms of commerce and media manipulate the human race.

Letting Go of Fear!

This year has really allowed us to get to grips with our lives, and to see things from another perspective.  This is particularly the case if we have stepped outside of the norm of day to day life, and taken the time to really examine who we are.  With a fresh perspective you can clearly witness and observe the game of fear being played out, it does not take much to see it.  Opening your eyes and sensations to observing instead of being engrossed is a necessary step to expansion of the population.  Letting go of fear, as well as expectations, is something we are being asked to do.  To trust our own intuition and guidance, and this is perhaps one of the biggest challenges the human race faces.

Trusting that what we feel and sense is actually true is key to our expansion, and many who have experienced a deep soul connection with another, will understand the purpose and message of that time.  Where did it lead you, and where are you today?  When I connected with my beloved, there was an intense knowing inside, a warm energetic feeling of pure love.  The euphoria surrounding the connection was incredible, but then came along Mr Ego and fear.  I can see now the battle that was playing out between the heart and mind – and as we reflect back, with a clear mind we can see it all, and appreciate the life lessons we have learned.

This is the Beginning!

If you are still struggling to come to terms with where and what you are doing, this is a perfect time to take time out for yourself.  I have often said that time alone is an essential part of the ascension process, and I stand by this.  You may say I can’t because of this and that reason; these are all excuses.  There is one simple question to ask yourself when you keep saying I can’t – “Would things still function if I was not here in the physical?”.  The answer to that is absolutely yes!  Life continues, and others would adjust to your non-presence and function without you here.  This is a fact of life – so stop giving yourself excuses, and take time out for yourself, and create the new beginning.

Switch everything off, don’t answer the door, and disappear into yourself, and whilst it may not feel like it at the time, this will be the best Christmas and New Year gift you have ever given yourself.  Whilst it may take a few days to adjust to being by yourself, after this the work begins, and the rapid ascension can progress as it should.

For those that have really got to their true authentic space, the coming days will feel a little different, as we are being prepared to conclude those things we need to complete now.  In addition I am certain there are many new things sitting in your inbox or life, that are itching to get your full 100% fresh energy.

Staying Balanced and Calm!

This time of year is normally hectic, and it is important that we try to remain as balanced as possible.  We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to either, and if that means breaking all the family traditions so be it.  Every day is Christmas or New Years Day, and that is the way it should be.  Everyday is a celebration of life, of our life, and this is how we should be living.  If we are not concerned about what is going on around us, but focused on what is going on within us (and our home) we can keep the energies balanced and calm.  We are not expected to follow what others want us to do, we can do whatever we choose to, and whilst this may upset or offend others, this is not yours to worry about.

Love will always be ever present in our day to day lives.  Those that share love freely and unconditionally will not judge or pass blame, they will accept your decision openly.  When you break tradition you are claiming your own power, you are gaining control over your own life, and this too is also what is necessary for our continued expansion.

New Opportunities!

This past year has allowed us to reach a place of balance, not only within ourselves, but also in our lives and those around us.  What I sense for many is an amazing opportunity to finally step into their missions in a way that is really unprecedented.  Never underestimate your own abilities, for all that has been cleared and healed, is no longer hampering you.  There is a whole new series of life lessons and stories to live now.  Finally we can begin to understand that Love truly is unconditional, that Love is innocent, and Love is powerful.  The feelings of being a little child again, the excitement, the wonder, the purity, they are coming back.  The opportunities are to live in a  new way, with a new clarified vision and one where we simply trust all that we are.

Our truth is matched with our love, and for many this is an uncomfortable aspect to meet, but our lives will be surrounded by other like minded individuals who will carry the same message of unconditional love.  Embrace the new with a big hug, and a ho ho ho!   Remember you are an infinite soul, you have worked tremendously hard to achieve this state, now it is time to embrace the opportunities that await.  With complete trust in all that you are.  The universe is supporting you now, as you ascend higher you will be in awe at all that happens.  Let go of trying to control anything, and simply allow everything to come to you.


We have all achieved something so truly powerful, and we should not forget to really appreciate that.  Give yourself credit and praise for all that you have conquered this year.  Continue to believe in your destiny, write your wishes and begin to manifest your own future, the one that is for your highest good and soul expansion.  It begins with the true love that you are…allow that to shine brightly each and every day!

We are all in this together, if it was not for you I would not be where I am today, so for each and everyone of you that is in my life, I thank you.

Much Love and best wishes!


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