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Remembering – Soul Memory!

Hand-holding-lightbulbHave to share this with you guys – what a cleansing last night was.  Restless sleep, sweating, dark dreams, the feeling of being attacked – but woke up feeling somewhat lighter.  And then the magic began, and it is so amazing for our soul family to say things like “check this out”!  I know a lot of you had a bad night, I feel it, not in a physical sense – it is a knowing for sure, and then the information exchange begins.

We are drawn to remember or to look for something unusual by our senses, then you see or read something that is so profound that resonates totally for some unknown reason..then these thoughts lead to your current life experiences and that memory, and it becomes a Eureka moment!  Voila, the whole picture begins to make logical sense but at the same time is completely so far off the wall who do you tell?

What I know today, is far more profound than I have ever known, which is kind of freaky!  Yet I know I am not insane, delusional or paranoid, I am totally calm and rational, which is a good thing I suppose.  Irrespective of the external factors from the outside world, inside we should totally at peace, we are in touch with our soul at a level never before.  We are communicating in ways we have never thought were possible, and more importantly our knowledge is helping those that also need to put the pieces together.  Cause and effect are great in this situation, as one person says something that they experienced or felt and this triggers a similar response in you, and so the story goes on.

It is important that we share our knowledge with others, how and when is entirely an individual choice. Who we tell is also important,  I know that we all have important information that is now rapidly building the foundation for a wonderful new way of living.  We have been on this path for a long time, for eons, and now we have the ability to put it all together in accordance with Divine planning.  What an honour and privilege this is for each of us, the work we are doing is most definitely raising the vibrations around the world, we are reaching those that need to be found.  We can not make them do the work, but we can guide them for we know the journey, even though we have not reached the end (as this is an eternal journey) we have valuable insight to what is occurring around us.

We are all light workers, we are a team, we shall work together and reach those that need us the most..and don’t be suprised if there are people in your work place, community centre or even neighbours that are also confused about what is happening to them and have no idea who or what to say!  I remember where I was in February this year, do you?  How did we grow so fast to get where we are now? I know twins that only discovered this terminology a few weeks ago, and now they are on the ascension path – and it is rapid!  They need our help and guidance.  Take a look around you and you may be drawn to someone, chat with them, and you will sense if the chat needs to go further.

Some of us have the natural instinct to reach out and help when we see things, others are more reserved – this is the time to drop the reservation and be in truth.  You are a light worker, you are a Twin, you are not afraid of what others think or say about you, you are completely in tune with your higher self and Source – you are who you are, never be ashamed to admit it or to speak about it.  You are a wonderful soul on a mission to raise the vibrations of Gaia, to help mother nature, to share and spread Love.  Feel the power from within, the burning indigo flame – now let it burn brighter and stronger than ever before.

When we begin to remember, we have a story to tell – it is important that it is told, we are one, we are all connected, we are all in this together, now is our time to share the beautiful journey we are on.  I love you all, you are all worthy, you are all Love.

Have a wonderful day, continue to be strong and believe – you now have enough signs to demonstrate to your logic this is real, this is happening, and this is amazing.


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