Right Time – Right Place!

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We are where we are meant to be!

Whilst preparing for my webinar last night, I was bombarded with a whole series of technical issues – the stream was not working, then the computer normal_thefrogprinceplan crashed, then the internet crashed, in the end I spent 30 minutes trying to fix it all – to be ready to launch live on time.  I apologise to those that joined the live stream before time and saw me blabbing away…it was strange and good to see an old friend from Russia (not my beloved) pop in to say hello, how the universe reminds us!  In the end the first 10 minutes of my webinar were a little bit jaded, unclear and certainly unrehearsed, I have no issue being true and authentic, for I am doing what I do from my heart and soul.

During the webinar I was talking about many things, and to be honest I do believe I crossed many subjects and topics – but the point of it all is that we are where we are meant to be.   The speed in which everything is happening now, is increasing – the energies are shifting rapidly, and we are being pulled in a certain direction.  It may not be the direction we want to be going in, but it is where we are going.  The universe is guiding us gently towards a path that serves us best, and is for the highest good of humanity.  For those that are feeling uncomfortable with the pull (or push) it is OK, dont beat yourself up and think you are not part of the action.  We are all an essential part of this amazing new adventure, the transformation of Gaia, creating new templates and existences for us and others to enjoy.

Many have ascended to a new level (reminds me of an old arcade game), where we will leave others to continue their healing and learning, if that includes our beloveds so be it.  This is our journey back to One.  I do know that my perspectives have not changed about this journey, but I do feel this tremendous pull to stepping up and shaking the establishment.  I dont personally believe this is part of the journey that my beloved needs or should be part of – this is something that I must do with a select few others.  The sense of detachment from my beloved is very real, she is not so much in my thoughts, this is a distinct change in me.  This is a sign from my soul that all is how it’s meant to be.  I am now venturing into territory that is all new, and I feel very much like a snow plough clearing the way for others to join or navigate.  I know what I believe to be true – I know words are just words, actions are actions – action speaks louder than words.

As we venture further into the unknown, we have a feeling of looking forward to what ever comes our way – irrespective of the outcome.   We are no longer focused on the outcome, we are simply looking at the next step – our psyche has finally become adjusted to living in the here and now.   We accept and surrender our journey to the Universe, for she will guide us, and ensure we are taken care of.  There are some that will stop and think, and this is also OK, we do have to be comfortable and sure of what we are doing.  The importance of the reality in which we live should not be forgotten, we do need to be grounded, we do need to live and maintain our committments here, in this world.  How we achieve this with a new way of thinking is like when you were a baby.  You became frustrated as you could not understand what your mother was saying to you, but you could feel the maternal love she felt for you – you felt safe, secure and satisfied.

Embrace yourself in the love that lies within.  Immerse yourself in self love, remember that feeling deep inside, that trigger of being safe, secure and satisfied.  The love within is the most powerful essence of the being, it has the ability to create many wonderful outcomes.   I know that romantic love is ever changing as we keep looking externally for the “rewards” – it is our perception and pre-programming that ensures we continually seek some form of return for the love we give, but this is not love at all.  When we create from love, we are being true to ourselves, without condition, expection or seeking acclaim – it is what it is. Pure and Unconditional, this is the love we felt as a baby, it is only how we have lived our lives that has changed this.  It is the love we share with our beloved.

Being at One with yourself, allows you to reconnect with your inner child, healing that child and once again triggering the love inside, reigniting the violet flame.  Our minds are filled with such precious memories, allow them to flow through into the forefront, thrive from them, grow and foster all the goodness you feel…and allow it to flow into your day to day lives.  Send love to your beloved, be sure he or she will feel or sense it, and in return you will receive it back, whether in this or another dimension.2014-10-01 16.44.57

It is difficult in such a conditioned society to break away from what we know to be true, that this is how it must be and shall be.  What our culture, religion, peers and family say it should be like – it takes a brave soul to step into the unknown, one who is free of all that crap.  Respecting others principles and values, but not being afraid to check it out for yourself, to satisfy your own curiosity, instead of being a guinea pig or another follower.  This is a true journey into yourself, of self-discovery, to test your abilities and limits, what others think or say does not matter – what matters is how and what YOU feel.  This is what others should respect and understand – we are all free to make choices that serve us  and we are not afraid to do something completely off the wall for the sake of knowing the truth about it.  We are tired of being told that blue is blue, and pink is pink – we want to know for sure that it is.

You are in the right place at the right time – enjoy every living moment for it truly is beautiful.

Peace and Love to you All – We are all One, We are all Love, We are!

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