Seeing is Believing!

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The signs are clear!

11116462_10200334193032999_6410674305066737489_nMuch work is being done to shift the energies to support the new, and we are seeing the aftermath of those who continue to believe in the old templates.  The past week we have seen an amazing shift of power, a move to the new templates by many lightworkers, and this is being felt by those who are firmly in a 3D reality.  The light is shining brightly, and our shift in focus to mission is never more important; we are affecting those we know, those who are near and dear to us, as well as in society in general.  They are waking up to a perception that all is not well around them, and are reacting in ways that can only be described as pure ego.

You may find a lot of “angry birds” out there over the coming days and weeks, as the new templates begin to gain momentum and strength – the very core of humanity is changing as we speak.  Those who are struggling to accept a higher calling will use whatever tactics they can to transfer blame, responsibility or focus onto others, and it will be directed at those shining brightly.  It is our love and light that becomes a target in all of this, for we are responsible for the changes.  They may not be fully aware of what they are saying or doing – instead of reacting, do your best to respond in a loving way.  Allow all that you have learned/remembered to show stronger than ever, and do not be drawn into a debate or energy exchange that is clearly visible as an ego based situation.

We are doing our part to share the love, to raise the vibrations wherever we are able, and believe me it is working – it is clear in many things we experience on a daily basis.  It is important to protect yourself against low vibrations; use crystals, call upon your guides, the Arch Angels and any other tools that assist you.  Be sure to follow your intuition when interacting with others – rely on the true authentic person you are, the love that allows you to rise above and let go what does not serve you.

During any transition there is always resitance; those that are prepared will flow through this with realitve ease.  We will not flow unscathed, as sensitive beings we will feel energies from others, our loved ones, in some cases it will feel like we are the baseball that has been hit for a home run.  We have a soul family to help us during these times, it is important that we support each other as a family during these tremendous shifts in energy.  It is very obvious to me, that many are waking up to a new dawn, a self realisation to who they truly are, and their life purpose – the move to mission focus is crucial at this time.  We are not neglecting those we love, we are simply using the love to create all that is needed for humaity to finally be able to live a new life with new purpose.

It is our love for ourselves and humanity that gives us the determination, passion and wisdom to continue in the face of adversity – it is pure love that will win the day, as True Love never dies.

Thank you for reading, as always, I send you love and light and remain in service.

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