Shake Up and Wake Up!

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Waking up to the sirens call!


So much has changed in the past few days, there is a distinct sense of confusion, dismay and uncertainty in many – I can sense a large number of beautiful souls awakened by an incredible energy that is simply inexplicable.  Many are questioning their sanity, and are afraid to ask for help, and then they start to rely on research over the internet for answers, and then begins yet another illusion caused confusion.  There are a few that have an inclination that this is Divine, there are many that don’t believe in God or the Universe, yet here they are, in a state of shock and confusion – this is called Soul shock.

The information portals of the world used to offer excellent advice and guidance for those who appear to be lost, or seeking answers for things that affect them on a daily basis.  I know I was one of them!  These days the wonderful web is a sea of dis-information and utter nonsense, far too many are interested in quantity and have forgotten about their soul purpose.  They are driven by statistics and using other peoples work to fill the gap – they begin to promote others work as their own and begin the journey of plagiarism and mass confusion.  The trends are very clear to see, and far too many are being misguided by this activity, as the original work is being lost in translation as it is copy and pasted to suit the new author or creator.

There is most definitely a new energy in the air – there is an echo of sirens calling in the early hours of each morning to wake up those that are sleeping, now is the time to change all that you do and follow the path to One.  The Universe is sending clear messages through dreams, messages, symbols and syncs that touch your soul, your soul informs you in a way that you will question “What does this mean to me?”.  Your psyche will go on it’s merry adventure of analysis and reach a conclusion, yet part of you will be driven to seek further answers and clarity.  This is your Higher Self beckoning you to seek for a pure answer, one based on truth not illusion of society or your own personal situation.  When you are searching for an answer, allow your heart to guide you; do not allow yourself to be mislead again with information that simply does not resonate.

There is only one person you can trust who has the answer to your question – it is you!  No-one else has a bigger interest in your happiness other than you, and only you can make the decision to make the changes necessary to live a complete and full life.  Our love for others is profound, yet when we begin to stand up alone, we see others who we “love” challenge or question our motives…well this is your first clear sign that the “love” you share is not heart based.  As you explore this sentence I strongly urge you to practice it, and apply it to one or two that you “love” and see the end result.  Unconditional love has no boundaries, limits or demands, it simply just is!

As each day passes there will be more and more awakening to the sirens calling – we as light workers shall be prepared to help those that ask for it, we shall be ready to speak our truth and share the light with those that seem confused, concerned or irrational.  We are all well aware of the signs and symptoms, we have been there remember?  If you do notice someone who is not their normal self ask them if they are OK, use words that are not intrusive and can form part of a conversation like “Wow have you noticed all the changes in the air lately” or “Can you feel the tension in the air?” or anything else that you feel inclined to say.  Our skills are so switched on these days and they are this way for a reason – to help ourselves and others on the journey to One.

You can be sure that with the major planetary activity over the coming weeks, there will be many wonderful miracles happening; the Universe is already delivering her abundance and changes to many.  I urge you to focus on your own life and world to see the miracles happening there, you will see it when your focus is on you and not the outside world.  Please do not be drawn into the mass illusions that are being put before our very eyes, this is not your circus to perform in, be your own ringmaster and enjoy your own circus event in your own life.  It will be so much more rewarding and beneficial.  When you narrow your focus to you and yours, the image is completely crystal clear – take that image and smile and see just what wonderful treasures you have right around you.

These are testing times for our ego’s – we are being asked to rely on our intuition and allow the Universe to play her role in our beautiful lives and allow all we desire to manifest.  When we come across someone in need let us help them as best we can, so that they too may begin their journey to One.  Don’t be suprised when random people ask you for help, or suddenly appear in your life – everything happens for a reason!

Enjoy these times ahead and be assured that you are on the right path!

Sending you love and light






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