Shine Your Truth!

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Shine Your Truth – It is Time!

Words from my dear Soul Sister – Carrie Turcotte, and my own quote that is based on a vision I had 6 months ago – I send this very real and powerful message to my soul family and the rest of Gaia – now it is time to shine your truth!  And so it is! Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU !

“As we CHANGE by the hour, KNOW that NOW is the time to SHINE!  I am blessed and honoured to have reconnected with so many of my soul brothers/sisters already and can feel so many more coming. When I was in need of help a knight and shinning armour showed up and together we have joined forces to help our true soul family come together on this journey back to ONE!

May this beautiful quote by my dear “Soul Brother – Deane Thomas” touch your heart & soul, as you FEEL his words, which are TRUTH!

Love & light

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