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From the Heart

I would like to share some of my thoughts, some of my journey with you today. Please know that I share only what I have found to be True for me and my journey. Read with a discerning heart.

There is a lot of fear being spread around in the media, in our neighborhoods, our countries. There is a lot of pain, confusion, anger, running rampant. Many find themselves wondering what is being done to make sure something like this never happens again. What if there was a different question that was being asked?

What if instead of putting the question and answers on someone else, what if we asked ourselves what we thought the world needed the most and be that?

Isn’t that some sort of meme? Isn’t there some sort of flowery or heavenly picture that comes with that? What if it was that simple? What if instead of asking someone else to take responsibility for the lack we may see in the world, we work towards filling that gap in? If I do not believe the world is not compassionate enough, instead of wondering why there was not more compassion, why not go out and be compassionate? Will my compassion be enough to change the world? May be not on its on, yet I believe that enough of small acts are enough to help trigger larger ones. Every wave begins as still water and when enough people have decided to be what they feel the world needs, the more change is possible.

Yes, there are horrible things happening around the world. Some of it touches us directly, some of us see it on the evening news. Not all of us can do as much as we may like to help others who are in desperate need of aid, yet there are things we can do for those around us who may need aid. There are things in our own part of the world that we can do to help calm the atmosphere of fear.

Will any of it change the world over night? Or a better question, what harm will it do try?

Thank you for letting me share some of my thoughts and journey with you.

Rae K. H.

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