Something to Ponder

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I would like to share some of my journey back to oneness with you. I only share what I have found to be True for me and my journey, please read with a discerning heart.

I believe that we are being called to anchor a new understanding of Love in this world. We are being called to tear down old paradigms and build new ones. Yet what does that mean?

I believe that an example of the old paradigm is the example of teacher and student. In the old paradigm the teacher is assumed to know more than the student. The student listens to what the teacher has to say then tries to apply the lessons that the teacher has taught. If we are being called to create a new reality, what would the role of teacher and student look like?

What if instead of sitting down as teacher and student, we sat down as both? What if by starting discussions and sharing our Truth, finding common ground with each other, is our new paradigm? Instead of asking you to believe what I believe, share with me what you believe so that we may have a better understanding of each other. Is not the purpose of our journey one of Union? Does Union end with our Twin, or does it extend to Union of the Human Race living at a higher level of Spiritual Consciousness? If our life is a reflection of Divine intention, then wouldn’t a united humanity be that intention?

What if instead of dividing ourselves into categories, i.e. teacher and student, Starseed, Indigo, Christian, Pagan, Black, White, Male, Female, we began to have a more inclusive attitude, i.e. we are all a reflection of Divine Creation? Are these unrealistic goals? Yet is it not better to aim for such lofty goals and fail then to do nothing?

Thank you for letting me share a portion of my journey with you.


Share the love!