A Special Day To Remember!

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The day that changed my life completely!

20160416_175847On this day 5 years ago I embarked on a new adventure, one that I am grateful for and one that completely changed my whole life.  I arrived in Moscow to begin a new role, for a new company, and in a country that I did not even research.  This opportunity came out of the blue, literally a phone call in the late evening, one call I will also never forget as long as I live.  When we take a look back at everything we have done in our lives, it is fairly obvious some things are meant to happen, did I believe in the Universe back then?  Did I know what life was about?  Did I believe I was in control and making the right decisions?  Yes I did – but there is one thing for sure, there is aboslutely very little we able to control.

The Universe ensures we wake up and realise who we are, what we are supposed to doing and who are going to be in our lives.  It is usually a life changing situation that will trigger our soul to take over, only our ego will interfere with this process.  One thing I know for sure, life is an experience, every experience is part of the process of aligning ourselves with the Universe, with our source.  There are many incredible things that have happened to me since the 17th April 2011, but there are very few things that are the same today – including myself.

I am in complete awe as to the shear scale and potential of the Universal energies – today I am in gratitude and living a very modest but much happier life.  I have recognised certain individuals in my life back then, their importance to me, and their contribution to my life.  No matter what pain or trauma that has been endured, the tears that have been shed, and the goodbyes said – I have found myself, the love for myself that was hidden and supressed since a very young age.

The awakening experience is an opportunity for each of us to acknowledge who we are inside, to share that true unconditional love and to live in the here and now.  To lift veils of illusions are a common occurence today, the light is shining very bright, lightworkers are joining together to share the global desire of pure love.  There is resistance, there are many big egos that are out playing to counteract this work, but we are getting stronger.  Mother Nature is also showing her power also – there has to be a breakage to effect change.  There is nothing complex about life itself, it is only us who allow it to be complex.

It is an opportunity to take the journey into Oneself – to clear all the things that have been supressing you for eons, allow your soul to fill your body with its purity.  This purity, is what we had when we were born…no we have lived many years in false templates and other peoples beliefs, we can see what serves us.  A child is innocent, naive and completely trusting in others to guide them through life – we should take the time to heal our inner child, to become naive, pure and trusting.  But trust in ourselves and our own intuition – the voice of our soul will set us free.

The view from my office in Moscow

When I began my adventure in Moscow, I met the most wonderful soul, it was an instant recognition, one of remembering – I reconnected in the physical realms with my Twin Soul.  No matter what others say or believe, I know at a soul level my beliefs are true, and I will continue to go through the process of ascension, holding a space in my heart and in my life for her.  My life continues, I am growing and learning each day I am here in this realm – Each day I have a clearer love for myself, I have gained an understanding and working relationship between self and ego..this is one thing that is going to be a great partnership.

I see what I see, I hear what I hear – these are all things I have never truly appreciated, now I do know the purpose of our senses and incarnation on this planet.  The process will last forever, it is soul evolution and expansion of consciousness – the balance is needed for us to truly love.  Today I understand the meaning of unconditional love, I have begun to master the ego, and investing more time into myself and my work.  I am truly grateful for all that I have done and will do, and for this opportunity of sharing information that can help others to see the same.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


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