Stop Thinking and Just Be!

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Stop, Look and Listen!

Hedgehogs-800x800Well an interesting weekend indeed, full of interesting life changing situations for many of us. Really begins to remind us that the Universe is showing us what we need to deal with, the chapters to close, the things we need and those we don’t.  Creative is our Universe! she has a wonderful knack of serving up a curve ball to the best batters on the plate.  We are all experiencing amazing transformations in one way shape or form, and yes there are a lot of tests being dished out right now, ones that test all we have been through, yet we are more aware, we are able to see clearly, and we are able to respond in the light way.  Our ego’s are being tested, the monkey’s do get tempted – did you manage to spot when they saw the big bunch of bananas on offer?  How did you do? React or Respond? If you reacted, were you able to see it, and acknowledge it and process it afterwards?  If you responded, well done!

This journey is still reminding us that the reality we live in is where we need to focus – it is oh so very easy to disappear into the clouds of winter wonderland and experience the pleasures away from the noise and distractions of the 3D reality.  For those that are firmly anchored, you are aware of this, you are busy living life with some bumps on the way, but able to utilise your new templates and consciousness (5D consciousness).  For those that are not firmly anchored, oh the Universe lets you know in the most abrupt way – she is showing you in full view what needs to be done, she will continue to remind you there are things that need to be dealt with – this is her most powerful tool.  Nothing in life is coincidence, we have all got baggage and templates, we all have history and past lives, we all have done things we should not have, we know where the light is, and the light path.

We are often tempted with beautiful offers of desire, lust, pleasure, reward or success – our ego will react to any offer with a trigger of adrenalin, endorphins or with other stimulating thought processes, that simply get the juices flowing in our psyche and bodies.  It is for us to decide using our conscious mind whether to accept these temptations, or to stand our ground in our beliefs.  Many are going through major changes in their thought processes, and this is an ideal time for these pleasures to be dangled in front of us. They will appear, again, it is time to go inside your heart and ask if this is for your highest good.  You don’t need to react – take five minutes to respond with an answer that is right for you.  Remember temptations are normally offered by others, which in turn is to satisfy their own ego or desires, for their own benefit, and not necessarily yours!  Be cautious with your responses.  If it does not feel right, please don’t do it – whilst it may give you instant gratification, remember there is more to your journey than that!

Our souls are waking, they are yearning for the things that make us complete as beings, we all miss our beloved, we all yearn to be with them and this is such a normal desire, and one the Universe will bring, when the time is right.  We yearn for many other things, but now is time for you, time to focus all energies and thoughts on yourself.  There are not many twins on the planet, and I see far too many worrying about what there beloved is up to, thinking or doing – again I shall remind you, what is the point of that.  How does this serve YOU? How does this information benefit YOU? How does what your beloved is doing change YOU? What serves you is YOU.  I made a brave decision many months ago to accept that my beloved is in a relationship, is happy and will never be alongside me in the physical plains – and that is a thought that does not hinder or hamper me in anyway whatsoever.  It was a tough one to make, as it tends to challenge the psyche – is she isn’t she etc It really does not matter what they are doing, what does matter is what YOU do.

quote-the-madness-of-love-is-the-greatest-of-heaven-s-blessings-plato-259583I know that one day, whether in this or another life time the Universe will reunite us, in the meantime I am living a solo mission, I am teaching others, I am sharing the word, I am sharing the wisdom, and I am learning from others, and in turn sharing this also – this is expansion of the mind, as well as humanity.  No matter whether I touch 1, 10 or 1000’s of souls, I know those that have been doing their work, and homework, using the tools I have provided, they are growing, they are blossoming into beautiful pure souls.  One thing I have always believed in is providing tools to help – this is the art of teaching.  Our great philosophers left many great pieces of art to explore and devour – their voices and writings still live on today, they truly are the teachers to humanity, it is time for other voices to be heard also.

There are many awakening to profound knowledge and wisdom, they are transforming overnight – this is the miracle of life; should this be happening to any of you, reach out to a member of your soul family, you will know who they are, by now you will have a group of people you can relate and communicate with on this subject, they can offer a hand to hold in times of need, after all we all need guidance sometimes.  Stop abusing your twin, stop blaming them for the way you feel or that they are not in your life – remember what you put out for sure is gong to come right back at you, you should have learned this by now.  True love never dies, it simply does not, but you shall learn to love and appreciate who you are to fully understand that love simply is!

stop look and listenStop Look and Listen – just as we were shown as kids when crossing the road, or when we were learning to drive a car at a railway crossing, it takes 5 seconds to do this, Stop, ponder the thought, and listen to your heart, and the answer will come to you as it is supposed to.  If you feel under pressure to make an answer, the best response is “I can’t make a decision right now, I will let you know”, if the offer is genuine the reply will be cordial. If the offer had ulterior motive or agenda, the reaction back will be a barrage of reasons or excuses to make the decision now – in that case your original response should be repeated.  Impulsive decisions often take us to places we should not venture, I know I have made many of them and the consequences are not usually favourable – there are no mistakes there are only lessons to be learned.

This journey is so precious, please treat it as such.  Listen to your heart and soul!

Sending you love and light


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