Struggling to cope?

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Are you struggling to cope with all the changes?

Devil_Angel_on_ShoulderLet’s be perfectly honest here – what on earth is going on? why do I feel like I am lost in space? why am I feeling so aroused? why am I feeling like I don’t know where I am? why does time fly so fast? why am I having sudden outbursts of laughter or tears?

Well it means one thing, you are on the right path, your new template is being nurtured – it is a time of adjustment, so feel free to feel all of the above, but don’t self doubt, don’t doubt for one second what you do or the reason why – let it be and live the moment.  Absorb these new sensations and let them fill you with whatever you desire and really enjoy them, after all they are intended for you to love.  You may also notice others are beginning to show their appreciation of you, their love for you, their respect for you – these may also be new compliments that you would normally not hear or feel – absorb them with thanks and the love that is intended.  It is time for you to celebrate and enjoy these new sensations, this is all your work, this is who you have become, this is a defining point in your life – so don’t be afraid of it – let it be.

It is still a wonderful time, there is lots of behind the scenes activities going on, there is lots of preparation for situations to evolve in universal time, we should not be impatient (Oh I am a fine one to talk!!) we should enjoy our time alone, in fact we should strive for time alone so we can be grounded and feel the moments.  Don’t be afraid to take time from work or your normal routines, or to ask someone else to do what you normally do, or change the way you do things daily if they are a routine. mix it up and enjoy the new things that you are creating.  If you are not with your twin, what does it matter what they are doing, who they are dating or whatever else your ego can conjure up – send those thoughts away with love and light.  Many of you will be suprised by what is going on, and what is happening – I know that some have had random suprises or signs from the strangest of places (I know I have) these are all for a reason, let the magic play out and no matter what shall be – for sure you will be in a better place than you were before.

I know one thing for sure – the universe does continue to move in the most wonderful ways, when our eyes are open and our heart full, we can see and feel amazing things in front of us – when we take our daily lives back to what is really important, ourselves – we do see life a lot differently – the human race is becoming a conditioned machine for the profiteers to take advantage of.  Our consumption and needs are insignificant really, we can live life much more healthier by simply stopping and thinking and doing things differently – why are you so obsessed with communication these days? why are you so obsessed with chasing your bosses tail to make him happy? why are you so determined to work all the hours in the day? and when you think about it – how much YOU time do you actually have in a day, week or month…I bet it is not much.  This is not a balanced and healthy way to live is it?

Think about it – and I challenge you to taking a week off from your current life – and see the difference in YOU after 7 days – as I said to a dear friend this morning now is the time -claim it, own it, live it, love it – Live your own life and love all that it is, as it is YOU.

For those that feel they need a voice to hear that will give them honest guidance let me know I am happy to help those that genuinely need help to have a hand to hold on the path, a guiding light so to speak – Have a really cool day wherever you may be, in peace, love and light


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