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I have found myself coming across post’s and stories of Twin’s beginning to come into physical contact again and would like to share what this has looked like for me and what I have learned from it. I only share what has happened for me and my journey in the hopes that someone may connect with it. Any conclusions I have come to are only speculation on my part. Please read with discretion.

The importance of looking inward cannot be understated. For many of us, we may find ourselves wondering what is holding up the process? We have just cleared an immense amount of Karma, we have learned to Truly Love ourselves. We have let go of the 3d thought process and embraced a Spiritual Heartcentered Path. Especially frustrating when our Twin’s seem to become more of presence in our hearts and Soul’s. So what do we do now?

Surrender. Continual surrender of ourselves to the that which guides us. For me it is the Universe. I must continually surrender myself to the Universe and be guided by it. This does not mean life is peaches and cream. This is a continual process I believe that we are all called to. We learn to let go and heal. Yet there is something that fills the space. Love of self and through this Love of our Twin. The further inward we look, the more we realize the Truth that there is no separation, we are ever with our Twin, as our Twin is with us. Yet it gets hard to believe, especially if we are not physically communicating with our Twin. Even in this we must surrender.

If we have been blessed by encountering our Twin, we can believe we will be with them again. Yet is there not some part of us that may have a hard time believing this? If we do not see the fruits of our labor, do we not tend to become doubtful? Have we not been programmed with the idea of instant gratification? Yet if we surrender ourselves to the Divine plan that is inherent in being a Twin Flame, what miracle’s could be manifested in our lives? What doors would be opened before us?

There is a work to be done by Twin Flame’s, otherwise we would not be manifest at this time, in this place. Before we can begin this work, we first must finish the work within us. As we begin to discover ourselves and our Twin’s, it then becomes important to share this with others as a beacon. Do we not all wonder when it will happen for us? Has not the search for answers led us here?

Today I saw my Twin for the first time in what feels like forever. It was the first time we spoke in months. It was not manifested solely because of the Lion’s Gate, the Blue Moon. It was because of the inner work that allowed me to be prepared for the moment and I believe that others who are connecting with their Twin’s will share something similar. Trust your heart, listen to your guides. I have found myself wondering where they were leading me. I often found myself going where I felt led, yet finding nothing at the end. Angrily I would ask what the point was? Why are you leading me to random places? Yet after all those journey’s, inward and physical, I learned to Trust the journey. Today my heart took me to my Twin. Because, I believe, I had surrendered. I learned to give over my doubts and questions and followed my heart and at the end was my Twin. Is everything Sun and roses? It is a work in progress, yet it is more then it was and for that I am grateful.

I am honored to share a part of my journey with you!!! Many blessings!!!

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Share the love!