The Swirling Energies Of Life

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Introspection and Going Deeper!

The energies are swirling around us, and there is a push to go deeper, but with a subtle difference. Today we have the answers, and we no longer need to worry about the outcome. It is important to continue to look deeper, especially when being triggered. Allow the heart to feel for the answer that serves you best, and don’t be fooled by the ego, who is always looking for some action!

The triggers are there to remind us of what remains to be managed properly or is outstanding. The only way to discover is by going into self, to ask the questions and to listen to the proper answer.

We are still balancing the higher dimensions with our daily lives, and the veils are so thin, we can see and sense the clarity.  This is a joyous moment for those that can recognise the difference, for others it remains a struggle to believe.

It is really important not to get upset or distraught when you are triggered, simply rise above it all, and allow the clean energy to guide you for the answers.

Balance The Energies

We are constantly trying to balance, and this is preparation for what is coming ahead. Lot’s of suprises ahead, we must simply allow them to materialise in whatever shape and form.  Your manifestation powers are incredible, and your abilities to see and sense the higher vibration energies is real.  Celebrate your achievements and enjoy your success.

Focus on your own energies, and don’t be afraid to say no to anything, it is really time to focus on what is right for you.  Your heart knows what it desires, and will guide you wherever it needs to for you to realise the truth.  There may be some emotions around, but allow them to flow through and not interfere with your day!

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