Advancing Philosophies To The New!

Twin Flame Philosophy Expanded!

Advancing and developing the philosophies surrounding Twin Flames is one that is necessary, in order to assist others on their life journey. Whilst the terminology may be very prominent in the spiritual community, there really is an opportunity to perhaps explore what the purpose of this is. So many picked up the Twin Flame “lingo” after encountering a profound connection with another. The searching for an answer for the way we were feeling or what we were going through brought us to a potential explanation.  In simple terms, our hearts were broken by someone we loved with all our soul, and still do.

Seeking an answer is one aspect of helping to heal any situation in life. When we are confronted with such a complex answer and no instant cure, we are stumped. There are so many possible solutions, and so many offering a different root to success. A quick search using the search engines will present a long list of answers, cures, and potential solutions; and some offer even instant cures. We are presented with a long list, just like choosing a doctor, of potential guides who can assist us reach our own answers or perceptions.

But guess what!!??

Each life journey is unique, and no cure can be proffered as a general solution. Those who are truly sharing their own experience, have the potential to offer deeper insight, and answers to certain aspects of the journey. In reality, you are the one only one who is the answer, cure, and solution to what you are experiencing. Your chosen guides will help you to navigate the way ahead, but the next part of your journey begins and ends with you! No-one else can do the work for you!

Human Behaviour!

However, you came across the Twin Flame “lingo” is not the starting point; it is a potential answer to a question you have inside. Again, it is like going to a doctor because we don’t feel well if we are not happy with the first answer, we will search for another. Human behavior has evolved in this way, hence the thousands of offers available in the public domain. There is a market place for your problem, and there are those that claim to cure or have the answers.

When we factor in the human behavior and all its programming, we can take a deeper look into everything from a new perspective. Between us, we develop new insight or expand the philosophies that already exist, so that it becomes far more concise to help others. We learn and teach through the sharing of experience, through communication and exchange of information, and the desire to change what no longer serves us or humanity.

For some, like me, who stumbled across the Twin Flame terminology after a google search, reading a possible explanation was like medicine to a sick man. The choice of search words is usually completely random, and a list of suggestions is presented. From that starting point things begin to resonate; for me in particular, I referred to my own past life memories as the starting point. Then through a click on a YouTube video, what I and so many others experience, an explanation was presented.

Reminder Of True Love?

Connecting with the person who created the video was an essential aspect of truly understanding. After all, there is so much fake viral marketing in the world, it is best to speak to the horse’s mouth. Yes, it involved paying a fee, which I was happy to, as it offered a solution to my needs. After several weeks it was time for the appointment – the connection was strong, and I recognized there was some deep truth being shared. So, having “confirmed” what was already known within, what is the cure to this?

“How do I go about reuniting with this beautiful soul?”, the million dollar question!!

The answer was very simple, yet complex at the same time – and one which the psyche just can not figure out for itself! Go within, heal the pains you are carrying and have carried, and continue to live your life, knowing that true love exists. You will reunite – how or when is unknown, but for sure it will be soon!

My interpretation today is that true love exists within each of us – we have simply been reminded of that by someone else!! The connection we have encountered with our Twin Flame has reignited the flame that had been flickering for so long. Is it within us? Yes, Love is within us – and that is what really screws up the psyche.

We have always been told or shown that love is outside of us and that there should be an exchange of something between us to confirm that. But what does this mean you may ask! It means, we experienced something unique, at a frequency or vibration that matches us, and was intended exclusively for us. No doubt we had the same effect on our counterpart also – because there has to be a balance.

Reconnecting/Reuniting To Heal Past Life Reunions?

For those that resonate with past life memories or reincarnation lets broaden this to the Twin Flame archetype. We know that we are in some way or another, repeating something we have already done before. There are no coincidences; there are simply events we will encounter, over and over, perhaps until we figure out the pure truth or way of navigating the experience. If one advances the theory of “eternal recurrence”, the bigger picture of our own life makes some sense!

Having reincarnated many times, there is no doubt that some Twin Flame unions have also occurred before. We shall advance the theory of Twin Flames who have connected in the physical in this lifetime, have also done so before. If what is being shared today about only coming into a union for a final journey home has any merit we can reach two possible conclusions from our own experiences.

Reconnecting with our Twin Flame has “forced” us to reach the purest point in all of our incarnations, our true authentic self. We have recognized the true love essence within, we have healed, processed and broken the chains that held us in 3D reality. Many are connecting with a completely new being, and one which has never been encountered in previous incarnations.

To qualify this at a deeper level, we have to take a good look at our own life and encounters. Remembering is something man has struggled with, as the mass media is building illusions, so what do you remember from this life? Time for brain power! Sharing from my own experience will shine a light for others to see more clearly on their own situation.

Past Life Memories

I have experienced several past life regressions, and recall them clearly – there has been a common theme in many of them. The loss of a very important soul in that lifetime, and always a female character. One regression I had 25 years ago came back to my memory in January 2015. It was that memory which led me to search Google for a possible explanation for the connection I had with my Twin Flame.

Expanding on this topic today, as a potential explanation for the reconnection of Twin Flames, and the tremendous work we go through to reach a pure energy, we can begin to sense why it is so difficult to navigate the path. Internally we know what we are feeling is real, this is further supported by ongoing signs, syncs, dreams and other “unexplained” happenings.

Our soul knows that we are from the same source and have a purpose during incarnation. During our previous incarnations as Twin Flames in a union, there must have been some form of ending, otherwise, we would not be here again, would we?

We never managed to complete what we were trying to create back then; but here we are today, in what seems to be a similar situation. What we have now, is a lot more remembering going on. Technology has granted us access to new ways of getting information, hence the answers are coming easier. As we heal our own life and past, we do in some aspect for our beloved too.

But, add the equation we may have done this with them before, and not succeeded in our quest, we are now able to potentially heal that previous reunion too.

Should you have the insight to any previous past life incarnations with your beloved, and you have worked on healing that, then you have reached a completely new place on your soul journey haven’t you? You are creating something new, in the here and now, as well as in truth.

New Plateaus – New Outcomes – We Create Our Desires!

Some have the privilege of insight into so many things, and it is that which we share with others. When we have healed or come to terms with all that we have been, we welcome it into our core. We are doing things that we have never done before, and are laying new foundations for New Earth. Separation of the energies is an inevitable part of the evolution of mankind – there has to be a parting of ways to form the new.

Let’s be perfectly open and frank here, we have chosen to be here for a reason – one perhaps we will never remember. There is a much bigger picture to all of this, and one that we see far more clearly today than we ever have. We see the truth, we see the reality, and now we want to change it to reflect all that we have become today – pure love. We are in union with all that is and ever will be, our counterpart has appeared, and we have reached this place and time.

Our Divine Masculine and Feminine are in relative balance, and our ego-mind is in its proper place, now it is time to put that divine energy to good use. As we venture forward, there is no doubt that our lives will be full of pure love. What we vibe we get in return. Whether our beloved reconnects with us on the remainder of our life path is anyone’s guess.

Miracle Of Love!!

When we look back at how we connected them in the first place, that was the Universe at work; that is what the Universe does, works towards you and your highest good. Our wish today is to enjoy our new found self, truth and unconditional love, and share it with all that is. So you see, we have encountered miracles before! They can and will happen again…it is always the surprise that is far greater than anything we plan or create!!

We all love surprises, so shall we focus on living and loving the life we have in our hands today, and co-create heaven on earth?  

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Observing, Pondering and Reflection!

In Limbo Or Confused?

It has been a while since I put written words together, with all that has happened over the past few weeks, I could write another book!!  I am fortunate to those around me that have allowed me to share their home and technology to enable me to move forward in transition and the new path!

There seems to be a current status quo around the globe amongst so many souls who are moving forward.  So many are feeling they are in a state of limbo or confusion.  In some ways, I view this a transitionary phase of our journey, looking backward at who we truly are and have been.  Perhaps you may be witnessing your life passing before your eyes through others, acting out similar situations we have lived.

What seems to be occurring is that we are being shown how we have lived our current life with others.  Perhaps you are visiting family or friends and seeing some of the patterns that you have lived out.  In some cases you may also be experiencing your life through others, such as in living conditions, routines, communications and even in relationships.  We are observing how and who we have been in our life through others, and can see how far we have come to our current situation.

There is a great deal of confusion as we are not being drawn into the things that are playing out, in fact, we are sitting and pondering!  It is almost like a theatre performance for many, except the observer is the audience.  Whilst we may feel the need to offer guidance to others to help them see things differently, we have to sit on the side lines and let it play out.

There is a reason we are being shown what we are!!

What Does This All Mean?

What I sense is that we are simply at a transitionary phase of growth and ascension.  In some ways, this could be viewed as a buffer period, dynamically created by the universe deliberately.  As we know, we are all at different points of our journey, but what I feel, the current buffer zone, allows others to catch-up.  There are many advanced souls who are truly in the new, but certain events are stopping them from moving forward.  Divine Intervention and Timing are always at play, so the sense is that for some, this is that period of reflection.

Almost as if this a break, but one where we can truly adjust mentally to the new place we find ourselves in, as well as look at the bigger perspective. Some are already aware of their path forward, and the role they are playing in the expansion of consciousness.  Whilst many are still having to resolve a few little issues in 3D, the path forward looks extremely rosey and bright!

Whilst there may be some disarray around us, we are still able to rise above the lower vibrations and not be effected by it.  Lightworkers are gradually connecting together, and raising the vibrations within their own surroundings, which as we know, has that ripple effect.  Those that are firmly committed to the new, are being shrouded with Divine protection, as we complete what we need to before our journey progresses.

There has been an incredible amount of downloads and information flow from the universe.  Lucid dreams, out of body experiences, heart palpitations, deepened connection with others, and many other powerful confirmations of ascension.  The need for answers is a human trait, and one that comes from the ego-mind!  Our guidance is always to allow things to flow through us, knowing that all is well!

Where To From Here?

Allowing our higher self to guide us is the key, whilst maintaining a balance within.  A life review is in process as can be seen from the current energies, yet we are supported in love.  It is really time to channel efforts in to self, and where we really wish to go.  We do have a free will choice, and for those that are feeling lost and confused, the best thing is to do nothing, and allow things to unfold naturally.

There is no urgency or contest to be won, this is a journey that goes far beyond our current existence.  In previous visions and encounters with Higher Elements, I have witnessed many realities that are inevitable.  There is a real sense that many souls are being prepared for their true life and soul mission. In readiness for the work that is and will follow over the coming years, as New Earth begins to take her place in this reality.  It is time for a little self indulgence, even though we may not feel we know where we are at right now.

Surround yourself with like minded people, take comfort from all your achievments to date, treat yourself to a break or just immerse yourself in natural beauty!  Should you need guidance or support reach out to a soul family member and ask for help, alternatively call in the Divine to assist.  For many this is going to be a confusing time, yet it is one to observe, ponder and reflect!  Celebrate who you are, and remember you are worthy of all that you are.

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