Masculine’s – It’s Time To Drop The Ego And Masks!

Dear Masculine’s, Brothers and Sisters Alike!


Today I received some insight and an urge to reach out and touch the masculine energy, which I sense right now is struggling to come to terms with who they are.  Whether you are a man or a woman, you can carry the Masculine or Feminine energy within.  Your soul is guiding you to take a closer look at the inner core of self; this Universal push is asking, begging, and pleading with you to really come to accept the authentic you.

As the feminine energies are rising, to walk their true path in this lifetime, they move forward without fear or judgement.  They continue on their quest to be guides and teachers to all mankind.  They are stepping into their life purpose and global missions, to transform the ways of humanity.  You may feel a distinct desire to blame those around you for the way that you currently feel, or for what is going on in your life.  Perhaps you are struggling to continue the way of living, many I sense are in a constant conflict every day.

There is a reason, and one that your mind cannot and will not comprehend.  It may be that you have decided to run and hide behind alcohol, drugs or other pastimes that distract you from your situation.  Your whole world may be seemingly falling apart at this time, and you are wondering why.  In reality this is all something that the feminine energies have been going through for the past few years.  Clearing templates, releasing chains and shattering the veils of illusion – they have battled with themselves, and finally have reached a place of Oneness.

The Path Has Been Created!

The feminine energy has laid the path behind them, so that you the masculine can quickly and safely join alongside them.  This required a tremendous amount of pain, sorrow and guts to prepare the path.  Laying the foundations for the New Earth is a mammoth task, and one that the feminine accepts with an open heart and mind.  They have filled themselves with pure unconditional love, for which humanity will one day be grateful.

Now, my dear brothers and sisters who carry the masculine energy, it is time for the masculine to truly drop all the masks and machoism, to step in to the unknown, and fully embrace their true authentic self.  Your feminine counterpart, or opposite energy, is going to continue on their quest, with or without you – this is their solo mission.  To share the love and energies that they possess within.  They have healed and prepared the foundations within, to build a fully aligned life and journey, in love.

The journey is one that has enable you, the masculine, to enjoy so much hard work that the feminine has done.  You are able and free to become your true authentic self, because your feminine counterpart will guide and support you all the way.  We honour and give thanks for the tremendous sacrifices the feminine has made.  It has not been easy, and they don’t want your empathy or sympathy.  The feminine is asking you, the masculine, to truly embrace the love that you are, and to join them.  Together, you are able to achieve the most miraculous things as One.  Your energies, when combined become the power of three, for you are adding the Divine energy of love.

Can you imagine the possibilities?  The combination of your energies?  All your combined skills and wisdom are a true force to be reckoned with.  As you move forward, together, you will create incredible things that only dreams are made of.  This is your light at the end of the tunnel, the reward for your desire to reach your true authentic self.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – true love, peace and harmony.

Dreams do come true. Allow your heart and soul guide you to that hidden treasure within, and reach the same place as your feminine counterpart.  He or She is ready and waiting to receive you, on a level playing field.  It takes a hero to delve into the crevices of the mind and soul.  Be sure to know, that you will be nurtured and supported by your feminine counterpart, as she continues to do the work necessary for humanity.  She has not forgotten you, she is with you, she is part of you – it is time to join her and be one.

I am here to help and guide you, and offer free guidance for those that are prepared to explore themselves.  Make an appointment to start the journey!

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Words And The Subconscious Mind

The Power Of Your Mind!

power of words askdeano

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with an enormous amount of information, particularly in the form of advertising messages.  Whether it be in the form of a product, service or a request to sign up for further information.  Our conscious mind filters those messages that may be of benefit to our daily life, but our subconscious mind creates the trigger.  Subconsciously we are reacting or responding to carefully selected sensory words.  We are being driven to follow through based on what we have seen or heard.

Tremendous amounts of data mining are carried out by the social media giants, government agencies and technology companies.  Why is this happening? In many ways, they are tracking our interactions with their messages or words. It is important that messages can be tailored to human trends in an instant, and with vast pools of data, it becomes relatively straightforward.  Don’t be persuaded by statements that personal data is not stored on systems; as soon as you begin to react, the objective is achieved.

Sensory words are used in all forms of communication; these words cause an emotional response, which engages you the reader.  Very powerful when it comes to convincing you to follow sales a process that results in you sharing your details or payment!  In reality, you are being hypnotized, in a very subtle way, through the use of cleverly constructed wording.  It is this engagement or interaction that allows others to influence your actions.

Some of the sensory words we see on a daily basis include “Can you see yourself in a…”, “Sounds like you need…”, “What would it feel like if…”, “Let’s focus on…” etc.

Command Words

When we combine sensory words properly with commands, it is relatively simple to trigger the mind into action.  We are creating a series of instructions with an intent to draw the reader to the desired place or state of (sub) consciousness.

“Imagine you are laying in an open field of green grass just observing the night sky…the stars begin to twinkle, just like your eyes often do. The more you observe the more you will see, as the seconds form minutes, the more you will be revealed. A little longer, and you will see the massive expanse of your night sky.”

With this example, we are guiding you to a particular state, which conjures a beautiful image of your very own night sky.  Can you see it clearly as the time passes? You are following commands in a very subtle way.  The objective is for you to create your own image, your own truth, your own perception, and reality.

From this point, the words will continue to guide you, in a quasi-hypnotic state.  They are leading you on a journey, which will open your mind far away from the reality in which you are sitting.

“What would it be like if you can simply float away, and begin to explore the most amazing infinite space, the universe? Suppose you can achieve this effortlessly, where would you go, and what would you do? Remember you have the universe at your disposal, so you can only imagine the endless possibilities.”

As the journey unfolds you are immersed in your own special and unique sensory perception of the universe.  It is yours, and you are being empowered to reach it, in a gentle yet persuasive way.  Therefore it is a reality that you create in another aspect of yourself and within your consciousness.

Pictures Cause Emotional Response

cute puppy askdeano twin flameThe use of pictures in any form of marketing triggers an emotional response from us, as it allows us to “feel” what the image is showing.  In combination with a careful selection of sensory and power words, again you are engaged fully.  Yes, a lot depends on where we are at in our state of mind.  If for example, we are in “work mode” we are less likely to respond to an image of a cute puppy asking for donations.  But we are likely to respond to an image of a successful person offering “free” advice or guidance.

It is the combination of images and words that are used on a daily basis that influences our way of living and thinking.  In effect, we are being guided (or manipulated) based upon our association with certain things in our life.  Once we are “hooked” it is sometimes very difficult to escape the very world we have created for ourselves.  More often than not the “compulsion” to follow trends or buy certain things is derived from the clever use of images and words.

Have you ever wondered why so many posts on social media these days are created to capture your attention?  With so much data mining being carried out, it becomes a relatively simple task to target users.  Habitual patterns, impulses, comments, likes, shares, all form the perfect recipe for the marketers’ to reach your subconscious.  Once they have us under their wings, our habits are continually monitored, and adjusted as we do.  Power and sensory words are simply adjusted to suit the various campaigns and particular audiences.

Words Sneak Into Our Subconscious!

Power and sensory words will always sneak into our subconsciousness, our body will always react naturally, as it encounters and lives the word through feelings and expressions.  Reading a recipe book is a great example.  As you read your conscious mind is processing the information and creating an action plan.  When you begin to make the recipe your subconscious mind leads the way, it allows you to really tune in and feel the recipe.

As technology evolves we become far more reliant on it as a tool for learning and research.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get by in modern day society without the use of a computer or mobile phone hooked up to the internet.  Before the introduction of computers, we would rely on the printed word for answers and research, which in turn, triggered the imagination.

In the days of IT dependency, we are slowly beginning to see how there is a major conflict of interests.  Historical facts that we once used to physically check and read, are now being selectively distorted to suit the demands of satisfying a purpose.  In some cases, the purpose can be a deliberate manipulation of the truth and put the reader at a disadvantage.  Words are so very powerful, and as humanity evolves, the use of them is becoming far more deliberate and precise.

Tap Into The Power Of Imagination!

As we awaken to a different reality each day, especially for those of us who are on the path to enlightenment, it is important to stimulate the imagination.  This aspect of us is quite literally our own universe, our own powerhouse of entertainment and fun.  Whether we choose to use words or pictures to stimulate, the pure energy we create is very real.  The imagination triggers the subconscious mind to release that which does not serve us.  In addition the ripple effect leads to a new layer or level of thought being revealed that has been hidden or trapped within us.

If we look back at our own childhood, or even at our own children’s activities, more likely than not we know it is the imagination that is being used.  This is way more than a fantasy being created, it is a new world.  Our imagination is not contaminated with superfluous nonsense – it is pure source energy.  It is amazing what the imagination conjours up, and how we, as human beings, respond to it all.  We become completely different, and engaged in our own desires and passions, in effect we are tapping into our Universal energy of love.

Tap into your own powerful universe, and reach the state of Oneness – it is contained within each and everyone of us, we have just forgotten how to access it!

Deane will also be visiting the USA in the summer of 2017 – event details can be found here.


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One And One Still Is One – Imagine

twin flame askdeano starry sky

Take Five Minutes Of Your Time!

twin flame askdeano night sky
Long Exposure Starry Sky Star Startrails Night

Imagine the possibilities when you are laying in an open field of green grass just observing the night sky…the stars begin to twinkle, just like your eyes often do. The more you observe the more you will see, as the seconds form minutes, the more you will be shown. A little longer, and you will see the massive expanse of your night sky.

What would it be like if you can simply float away, and begin to explore the most amazing infinite space, the universe. Suppose you can achieve this effortlessly, where would you go, and what would you do? Remember you have the universe at your disposal, so you can only imagine the endless possibilities.

You will find yourself delving into your own inner space, you will find yourself with a new sense of being. Realize that you are building your own universe within, one that is forever expanding and nurturing your body physical. Don’t despair, allow yourself to drift away into an amazing bubble of loving energy that surrounds you.

Just pretend you have wings. Allow yourself to fly off into this wonderful universe of yours. Just pretend for a few minutes you are Tinkerbell, flying with Peter Pan; enjoy the feeling of complete freedom and happiness. Nothing in this world can harm or hurt you, you are safe, and you are protected. Let go of all you ever thought is true, and explore your universal truth.

Remember you are love. Remember you are worthy. Remember you are a Divine being. As you fly around with Peter Pan, imagine all the wonderful things you wish to bring into your reality. Imagine they are already in your hands, and together, with Peter Pan, you will bring them back to your own space.

Universal Energy Of Love

Twin Flames Morning DewSooner or later you will slowly come back to this realm. Your whole body is carrying the universal energy of love. Remember the things you are carrying with you. Nurture them, cherish them, and take them everywhere you go, as you walk this realm. Sooner or later, they will be manifested in to your reality, you shall just remember that they are already with you.

As you open your star filled eyes, remember one and one still is one. You are the one and only, the be all and end all of your existence, you have all the wonderful things in your mind body and soul, now explore them all. Enjoy them completely and fully, and more importantly allow that nucleus of love to shine brighter and brighter.

Remember you are the One. You always have been and always will be, you just have to feel that!

As always,  in love and in service – to infinity and beyond…now unfold on your wings and fly!

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The Destiny of Many – The Future Of A Few!

love is in the air

Lost In The Fog?

ask deano radio energy shifts may 2016I am writing this message, to reach those that believe in certain things or realities.  Perhaps one has become lost in the fog, and then all of a sudden one see’s the beam of light from a lighthouse, that guides to a safe port.  May be I am that lighthouse, I don’t know, as I am not interested in fame or glory.  You will know who you are, as you begin to read this message.

Man has constantly strived to seek love, but has ignored the very essence which he or she is.  Man has been bombarded with the need to satisfy certain templates, in order to accomplish a decent life path.  This as far away from the truth as the moon and mars are to this wonderful planet.  Whilst the elite will continue to determine our destiny, through laws controls, restrictions or old templates, there are a few that lead the way to unity.  That unity is an acknowledgement that whoever is running this show on earth is fundamentally incorrect.

Those that run the nations of this planet do so with one objective in mind – to control the outcome of a given path.  They control the finances, the law, the way it is and more importantly they control the freedom.  With laws created by a select few, in a “democratic society” they control what and where we may go.  In times gone by we were free to roam, free to speak and free to explore our own independence.  We were the be all and end all of everything.  It was not until a certain few decided to claim territories as their own, and to impose rules and taxes on the citizens.

We Are All Equal!

We are citizens of the world, no matter where we were born, what colour our skin, what our religion or anything else that is alien to another.  We welcomed others into our homes and territory freely.  We began to communicate and understand each other without a passport or common language, we mixed and shared ideals and philosophies.  We never fought, we shared – we never argued, we compromised, we never disputed, we agreed.

Where are we today? What do the representatives of the collective do in our name?  They obliterate the very core and desire for a common understanding of each other.  They use media to manipulate, they use religion to destroy and they use each other to cause hatred.  Living in a town that was the subject of a recent war, I can see clearly the mood…as can my children.  What is important here is whether to adopt the local standard or try to break it.  I choose, as I have always, to break what is accepted to be true.

Today we can see clearly the power houses that seek to control and justify their actions.  The law, religion, a topic or any other piece of bullshit they can use.  We are not stupid. Mustafa from Egypt, or Vladimir from Russia, or Tom from USA, or Peter from UK, or Pierre from France, or Jose from Barcelona, or whoever we socialise with, we are all equal.  We all deserve the same respect an understanding, as well as the cultural differences.  Having travelled the world, and lived in and with many different cultures, there is no difference, we are all One.  Why is it that the media promotes this difference?

Things Falling Apart

Whilst the battles are fought in the Middle East in the name of whatever, how did we get to this state of affairs?  Who says that the issues are about terrorism?  What if we look at this differently?  Who is invading who?  Trump and his cronies promote the fact of terrorism…is this something they have created themselves or a reality that man has?  In effect, a group of profiteers turned up, found a commodity and decided, fuck it this is ours, and began to take it.

Therefore the aftermath is the locals defend and protect it from an opposing force.  This aftermath is a human instinct, which dates back to the beginning of time.  Come and take my stuff and I will do my best to prevent it.  The issue today is the power players are using it as a valid justification for pillage of sovereign nations.  It is not mine or your wishes to attack another person or nation – but so many buy into the stories created by the power players.

Let’s take a stock of the situation for a moment – there is no more a European Union, a free movement of people with limited controls.  Today there is a massive wall of steel between EU and Schengen zone, and those that enter are scrutinised for wanting to enter.   The ideal of a union is to allow the freedom of movement of goods and people.  Today we have rigorous vetting and examination of those that believed they were free.

The union is falling apart because I does not function, and this can be seen from the people of Great Britain.  The European Union is finished in its current form, yet portrays another story to the outside world.

Power Of Your Voice

Isn’t time for US as individuals, to make a stop to the elite and politically ignorant?  When you voted, did you agree and accept your country to treat other nations as a door mat? Did you agree to go to war, in the name of religion or the desire to be free?  There is so much more to all that is reported and especially what the government’s claim to be real.

We, yes you and I, are being led, like lambs to the slaughter.  The media tells us what is true (according to the directive of the leaders), when in reality it is far from truth.  I suggest you go to the streets of Moscow, Cairo, Islamabad, Beirut, Delhi, Sydney, New York etc and see the truth.  The rest is an illusion, and is being created to justify the actions of today.  The power houses of the world are playing a game of chess, with our lives, and that of our children and grandchildren.  Is this what you want? Can you not see the illusion?

Now is the time, as a human being, to reach to the depths of your inner being, to remove the conditioning and programming of society.  You have to see for yourself the reality, and stand alongside your fellow brothers and sisters and decide where you are going.  Freedom is a birth right, but one that we determine for our self.  Far too many are being drawn into the idea that war is great, and we are defending a nation’s rights and freedoms.  Who determine these basic principles’ of our existence?  We do – not the idiots that pretend to run the nations.

Today is the time for transformation of the space we live and the attitude we have towards each other.  I love each and every one of you, because you are an amazing person.  This is the basis of our existence on this planet – share this love with whomever you come into contact with, and be the love that you truly are.

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