Deep Bonds Of Love

Love Bonds Coming To The Surface

twin flames askdeano loveThe intensity is off the charts, and what ever the universe is trying to show us, for many, there is a tremendous deep connection with our core. A love connection that is undeniably real, and in some cases overwhelming to the point of emotional breakdown. There is something incredibly unique about the sensations we are feeling, as they stem from our inner being, our soul, our truth and our destiny. New encounters with our soul perhaps, or final completion of the deconstruction of our ego?

Fresh seeds of love are coming to the surface, as it appears we are reacquainting our self with a delightful offering of succulent energies. Certainly, love is key to all that is, and the basis of humanity and the reason for our own creation. On the surface, there does appear to be a love revolution, or maybe the correct way to describe it is a Love evolution! When we look back at the past few decades, particularly the 60’s and 70’s we remember the messages that were promoted by many. Unfortunately, this was at odds with the various establishments and systems and was very quickly quashed.

As we see the collapse of the illusions we have created for our own life and self, more and more souls are waking up to witness the sham. We see the desperate running around by the power players who only wish to increase controls and limitations. They are unable to fully control the way we communicate, and with the development of newer technologies, man is at the forefront of change.

We, yes, YOU and I, are making the change, so that we can claim back ourselves, our freedoms, and our right to do and be what we feel inside. We are nomads by nature, we are free spirits, there should be no need for increased controls and checks. As we ascend we dissipate the illusionist restrictions, as we no longer see them as a hurdle. We imagine a world of love and peace, and this is now at our fingertips. The ability to manifest our deepest wishes and desires, as they are for our highest good. We have no boundaries within, therefore we are breaking those that appear externally, to create a “free space”.

Face To Face With Your Soul!

new earth askdeanoAn ego deconstruction, allows us to finally “meet face to face”, our true core self, and that is a shock to the mind and body. It defies all we have ever been shown as true – we are finally getting the bigger picture! This can only lead to an exciting new relationship with our soul, perhaps one we have ever had in any previous incarnation. Everything that has been written is the tip of the iceberg, for there is so much that we have never seen or witnessed. Deep inside there is a knowing or feeling of having done this before, and that is our driving force.

Nothing is impossible; those warriors of love and light continue each and every day to transcend lower vibrations. New Earth energies are most definitely in the air, and whilst many want to know what is coming or going to happen, it does not matter. We have been walking this planet blindly for eons, being guided by the stars and planets. In some way we still are, and we are being shown how much astrology/astronomy defines the cycle of humanity.

Remaining as balanced as possible is important right now during this transitional phase. The sensations may feel so deep they hurt; more so than when we went through the dark night of the soul. What ever it is, I personally have never encountered such a diverse range of feelings. It is the core of who we are, that is beginning to come to the surface. It is intentional and an inevitable reality of our journey, and one which we fully embrace; for we are the creators of our own destiny. We stand strong and united on our quest for love, peace, and truth in all that is and ever will be.

You Are Pure Source Energy!

We are one pure source of energy, that is so powerful; together we remain committed to preparing the planet for the younger generations. One day we will be remembered for the work we have done. It is us, the few, that are leading the way to New Earth. Our soul intention is pure, real and true – and now we have reached the core of ourselves, we can help others achieve the same. We are driven by the love within, as well as all that it means today. Perhaps in a way we have reached the pure essence of our existence and that of Gaia. As we continue our journeys, we are creating magic heaven on earth. There is a reasoning behind everything we do, and those we come into contact with.

We are flying on a magic carpet, in the higher dimensions, whilst it may feel completely uncomfortable, believe in the love that you are and represent. Allow the energies to flow through, and wherever possible try to stay grounded as much as possible. Stay strong, and know that you are protected, loved and honored for reaching this plateau. We are creating a historical moment for all of mankind. Be proud, for you are an instrumental and integral part of New Earth. You are love in its purest form – now you can feel it at your core. Embrace it all, and feel the powerful essence growing within, for it is growing each and every day.

In love as always!

new earth twin flames

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Princess Of The Light

Shining Brightly!

It is a wonderful day for shining brightly and sharing the beautiful loving energy we possess. For some, it may seem hard to muster at the moment, but somewhere in your vicinity, you will sense the loving energy being sent your way. This is a somewhat different story we were living a few years ago, and when we do look where we are today, what an incredible story to share with the world.

We are not alone in this world!  There are millions and millions who are in a completely new paradigm, and one that defies the image of normality! The planet is connected in a way that science can not explain, but it does not mean it is not happening or not real. Each of us has a path and truth to live, and for me in particular, there is no alternative way forward.

Not so many years ago I landed in a strange city and country, and put my trust in a few people – this lead to many unique encounters with differing cultures, ethics, religion and working practices. For most of the time I was flying by the seat of my pants – and able to witness some incredible situations and things. But, in saying all of this, my own soul was trying to pull me away from the situation I was in, to highlight certain life lessons.

There were aspects of me that came out; some I had never encountered before in my life. A level of anger and frustration (especially with the red tape and processes), an increased level of knowing that something was not right, and a love so deep it rocked my whole world. Experiencing levels of ecstasy and pleasure that I can only refer to as out of this world. During all of this, the ego-mind kept appearing to play games with me.

Having the ability to interact with one’s past without being triggered is a great skill. In my opinion, it demonstrates how we have healed an area, that once affected our day to day living. It is very easy to say “let it go” and simply close the door on it, and hope it never comes back again. In my own life experience, there is a common thread of the past coming back to haunt, despite having spent years of believing I had dealt with the issues. When the cold hard light of day clearly showed I had only scratched the surface.

Sudden Life Changes!

Perhaps it takes a certain level of maturity, or an incredible amount of pain/trauma for us to finally figure out there is more to heal! More often than not we tend to reach a “happy place” especially after a major life changing event – some say time is a great healer. I am of the belief that time cannot heal what is within the mind, body or soul. There is only One that can agree and decide to process properly all the unfinished business – our own self.

One can never be prepared for sudden life changing events; in some cases, we have the ability to factor certain things in our life. We set about our life, believing the events we plan are going to happen in the way we want them too! Then all of a sudden a curve ball hits us, and usually at the most inopportune moment. So with all the planning in the world, it never actually really works that way – except hold on one moment. We always try to make things happen in our daily lives, don’t we?

In August 2014 a whole series of events occurred that one can say were meant to deliver a very firm message. Stop now and get your shit together! And did I listen? I had no choice – there was no other answer or solution. The series of events is something I had not planned or even contemplated could or would happen…but they did. We are not in control of anything, despite our belief to the contrary!

Our Soul Driving Force!

When we are faced with a blank wall, or a completely empty life as if all that we love disappears there is only one way to go forward. It all begins with us, and a few very select people who will help guide. Those that have gone through the darkest hours, within and without, always have something shining within. Our soul is the driving force, as we slowly begin to rise above and transcend the experiences, we are truly in another dimension. It is part of the healing process, which fundamentally includes the past experiences.

Unfortunately, most modern day teachers/healers and counselors, tend to want to close the door on the past and claim this is where it stays. What they really fail to understand is that we need to have a relationship with the past; it is not something we can dispose of. Many of us have tried this tactic, and yet we still have the past life curve balls in our face. Psychology and spirituality should take a closer look at each other and become friends, not adversaries. Some of the greatest psychologists were very spiritual, and outspoken against the “old school brigade”.

Our past experiences form the basis of who we are in the here and now. Surely it makes so much more sense to embrace our former self and that of others. Each encounter from life is one that is unique for us (and another person if involved). What we choose to learn will serve us on our life journey. When we recognise the bigger picture of life we can see the Prince(ss)’s of Love and Light shining brightly all over the world. What we have experienced has a purpose on a much grander scale, so that we may guide others through when needed.

Self Belief!

Whether others believe or support our beliefs today is not important. What we believe ourselves is of paramount importance. Right now we are moving ahead in our own power, truth and trusting fully in all that we are. There are no coincidences in life, what everyone encounters is part of their unique path with or without others alongside us. Now we are transformed, we are no longer the same being.

When we embrace the past, there is no judgment or pain; there is just a memory that has no stigma attached to it. Others will avoid us because they still have not made peace with themselves internally.  They are afraid to “look at the past”. They continue to judge based on an old image they have in their mind and will do so until they reach that place we are at today. We will continue hold space and unconditional love, and welcome all that comes our way – including those who touched our heart and soul in profound ways.

My Princess Of Light still shines brightly in my life, her essence is with me always; it is something I feel and sense every day in a real way. I don’t know what awaits in the future, it is not for me to know. This is an energy of pure unconditional love as well as a bright shining light for others to follow should they wish. Where ever the path takes me, I embrace it fully, without fear or desire to know why it is happening!  Call me crazy, but c’est la vie :)

Where ever the path takes me, I embrace it fully, without fear or desire to know why it is happening!


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Escape Your Prison Cell – Wake Up And Discover Your Truth

Are You A Prisoner In Your Own World?

prisoner twin flameBeing incarcerated or imprisoned is part of some of our lives, it is an inevitable part of living in a big society.  Whether we have committed a crime, or subject to some other form intervention of authorities, being banged up is probably one of the hardest things a person can go through.  Innocent or guilty, the person goes through a whole series of emotions, which are meant to bring them to a point of true self.

Spiritual awakening is very similar in all respects to being a prisoner – in effect we are a prisoner in our own world.  A world which we have created for ourselves, and one that only we can accept as true.  Many prisoners start to blame the system, or others, or a whole series of other excuses.  Eventually they will reach a point where they have no choice but to accept responsibility themselves. This is also parallel path followed when going through awakening, we become trapped in our own mind, body and soul.

There is only one answer, and solution – to process all of our life, come to terms with it, embrace it and then release it.  Accepting responsibility for ALL our actions is paramount, and before you start to go off and start to seek another possibility, STOP.  It is a fact that our truth is real, and so many are afraid of what it all means, especially a former prison inmate.  In reality society is far too quick to judge others for their lives, and what they have ever done, and this is a fundamental flaw in today’s way of living.

We become presumptuous, opinionated and swayed based on other people’s say so, or interpretation, before we have even said more than 4 sentences.

The Awakening Journey!

As with a prisoner, he or she has a release date, and in some cases maybe entitled for an early release for good behaviour and in compliance with the system rules!!  How the prisoner becomes or adjusts to life inside is his choice, he will flow through the system irrespective, for the system is in control.  The awakening journey on the other hand is all in our power.  We can choose to hold on to all that no longer serves us, and continue in a vicious circle of repetitive events or situations.  Alternatively, we can begin to embrace what is happening and go within for the answers.

The awakening journey is very tough, as no-one really likes to examine themselves with a microscope do they?  But it is that action that leads to the biggest rewards.  During the early days of the journey we realise there is a bigger aspect to this whole story.  One that is incredible and miraculous, but also one that will take us to the darkest places we have ever been.  Once it has begun, we do have the choice to stop, but that really defeats the purpose!

No Turning Back!

As time passes, the journey eases, and becomes a transformation of the mind, very similar to being imprisoned.  The mind becomes free of the things that once plagued it, and big new thoughts are being added.  We have come to terms with who we are in all that we are and in all our truth.  Others will notice this in you, and will either love it or loath it – this is their choice.  At the end of the day, no matter what we have done in our lives, we can have no regrets.

We have to accept it all, and heal it through bringing in the love energy that we all possess.  We can ask for forgiveness of others, and of ourselves – but this is not something we must carry everyday like a bag of rocks.  If others judge or stigmatise the situation, instead of reacting, simply take a second and respond properly.  You are not obliged to keep dragging it all up, what is done is done, as long it has been healed and processed from a position of love.

Once the threshold has been reached, there is no turning back – we can no longer be taken back to jail for the offenses committed.  The same once we have processed our life and opened our heart to love.  Life simply continues in a whole new energy, and one that will nourish and feed us in a truly remarkable way.  Switching off the monkeys in the mind is a true testimony of self-mastery, and one that each of us deserves to be proud of.

Like a person who leaves prison, there can be no looking back – there can only be mastering the new reality of freedom.  Whatever decisions are made from that point they are crucial to creating a new loving life in peace.  We all pay our dues, we are all human beings who do things for reasons we often can’t explain.  Waking up is one aspect of life we will all face, eventually.

Avoidance Of Truth!

We can avoid waking up by filling our lives with unnecessary things, or work, or anything else to have no time left to think.  Believe me the Universe will bring that little fantasy to an end, and make sure you understand that you are a messenger of love and light.  And usually these things come in one big mountain of issues, just to be sure you get the message, that there is something you need to do.

The longer we avoid our own truth, or ignore the signs of spiritual and mental meltdown, we are just accumulating energy that will have to be dealt with.  What I can share is that the darker and deeper we go within, the brighter and lighter the new life we create will become.  These are some of the wonderful aspects of waking up, and stepping into the love and powerful energies of the universe.  Quite literally waking up is freeing the mind, body and soul from millennia of imprisonment, and one that is necessary for humanity to grow and prosper.

If you require any guidance or help, I offer free help to those that seek it, please make an appointment, and I will be happy to guide you on your path!

In this video I share part of my life journey – trust that it sheds some light on your day!


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