Escape Your Prison Cell – Wake Up And Discover Your Truth

Are You A Prisoner In Your Own World?

prisoner twin flameBeing incarcerated or imprisoned is part of some of our lives, it is an inevitable part of living in a big society.  Whether we have committed a crime, or subject to some other form intervention of authorities, being banged up is probably one of the hardest things a person can go through.  Innocent or guilty, the person goes through a whole series of emotions, which are meant to bring them to a point of true self.

Spiritual awakening is very similar in all respects to being a prisoner – in effect we are a prisoner in our own world.  A world which we have created for ourselves, and one that only we can accept as true.  Many prisoners start to blame the system, or others, or a whole series of other excuses.  Eventually they will reach a point where they have no choice but to accept responsibility themselves. This is also parallel path followed when going through awakening, we become trapped in our own mind, body and soul.

There is only one answer, and solution – to process all of our life, come to terms with it, embrace it and then release it.  Accepting responsibility for ALL our actions is paramount, and before you start to go off and start to seek another possibility, STOP.  It is a fact that our truth is real, and so many are afraid of what it all means, especially a former prison inmate.  In reality society is far too quick to judge others for their lives, and what they have ever done, and this is a fundamental flaw in today’s way of living.

We become presumptuous, opinionated and swayed based on other people’s say so, or interpretation, before we have even said more than 4 sentences.

The Awakening Journey!

As with a prisoner, he or she has a release date, and in some cases maybe entitled for an early release for good behaviour and in compliance with the system rules!!  How the prisoner becomes or adjusts to life inside is his choice, he will flow through the system irrespective, for the system is in control.  The awakening journey on the other hand is all in our power.  We can choose to hold on to all that no longer serves us, and continue in a vicious circle of repetitive events or situations.  Alternatively, we can begin to embrace what is happening and go within for the answers.

The awakening journey is very tough, as no-one really likes to examine themselves with a microscope do they?  But it is that action that leads to the biggest rewards.  During the early days of the journey we realise there is a bigger aspect to this whole story.  One that is incredible and miraculous, but also one that will take us to the darkest places we have ever been.  Once it has begun, we do have the choice to stop, but that really defeats the purpose!

No Turning Back!

As time passes, the journey eases, and becomes a transformation of the mind, very similar to being imprisoned.  The mind becomes free of the things that once plagued it, and big new thoughts are being added.  We have come to terms with who we are in all that we are and in all our truth.  Others will notice this in you, and will either love it or loath it – this is their choice.  At the end of the day, no matter what we have done in our lives, we can have no regrets.

We have to accept it all, and heal it through bringing in the love energy that we all possess.  We can ask for forgiveness of others, and of ourselves – but this is not something we must carry everyday like a bag of rocks.  If others judge or stigmatise the situation, instead of reacting, simply take a second and respond properly.  You are not obliged to keep dragging it all up, what is done is done, as long it has been healed and processed from a position of love.

Once the threshold has been reached, there is no turning back – we can no longer be taken back to jail for the offenses committed.  The same once we have processed our life and opened our heart to love.  Life simply continues in a whole new energy, and one that will nourish and feed us in a truly remarkable way.  Switching off the monkeys in the mind is a true testimony of self-mastery, and one that each of us deserves to be proud of.

Like a person who leaves prison, there can be no looking back – there can only be mastering the new reality of freedom.  Whatever decisions are made from that point they are crucial to creating a new loving life in peace.  We all pay our dues, we are all human beings who do things for reasons we often can’t explain.  Waking up is one aspect of life we will all face, eventually.

Avoidance Of Truth!

We can avoid waking up by filling our lives with unnecessary things, or work, or anything else to have no time left to think.  Believe me the Universe will bring that little fantasy to an end, and make sure you understand that you are a messenger of love and light.  And usually these things come in one big mountain of issues, just to be sure you get the message, that there is something you need to do.

The longer we avoid our own truth, or ignore the signs of spiritual and mental meltdown, we are just accumulating energy that will have to be dealt with.  What I can share is that the darker and deeper we go within, the brighter and lighter the new life we create will become.  These are some of the wonderful aspects of waking up, and stepping into the love and powerful energies of the universe.  Quite literally waking up is freeing the mind, body and soul from millennia of imprisonment, and one that is necessary for humanity to grow and prosper.

If you require any guidance or help, I offer free help to those that seek it, please make an appointment, and I will be happy to guide you on your path!

In this video I share part of my life journey – trust that it sheds some light on your day!


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The Destiny of Many – The Future Of A Few!

love is in the air

Lost In The Fog?

ask deano radio energy shifts may 2016I am writing this message, to reach those that believe in certain things or realities.  Perhaps one has become lost in the fog, and then all of a sudden one see’s the beam of light from a lighthouse, that guides to a safe port.  May be I am that lighthouse, I don’t know, as I am not interested in fame or glory.  You will know who you are, as you begin to read this message.

Man has constantly strived to seek love, but has ignored the very essence which he or she is.  Man has been bombarded with the need to satisfy certain templates, in order to accomplish a decent life path.  This as far away from the truth as the moon and mars are to this wonderful planet.  Whilst the elite will continue to determine our destiny, through laws controls, restrictions or old templates, there are a few that lead the way to unity.  That unity is an acknowledgement that whoever is running this show on earth is fundamentally incorrect.

Those that run the nations of this planet do so with one objective in mind – to control the outcome of a given path.  They control the finances, the law, the way it is and more importantly they control the freedom.  With laws created by a select few, in a “democratic society” they control what and where we may go.  In times gone by we were free to roam, free to speak and free to explore our own independence.  We were the be all and end all of everything.  It was not until a certain few decided to claim territories as their own, and to impose rules and taxes on the citizens.

We Are All Equal!

We are citizens of the world, no matter where we were born, what colour our skin, what our religion or anything else that is alien to another.  We welcomed others into our homes and territory freely.  We began to communicate and understand each other without a passport or common language, we mixed and shared ideals and philosophies.  We never fought, we shared – we never argued, we compromised, we never disputed, we agreed.

Where are we today? What do the representatives of the collective do in our name?  They obliterate the very core and desire for a common understanding of each other.  They use media to manipulate, they use religion to destroy and they use each other to cause hatred.  Living in a town that was the subject of a recent war, I can see clearly the mood…as can my children.  What is important here is whether to adopt the local standard or try to break it.  I choose, as I have always, to break what is accepted to be true.

Today we can see clearly the power houses that seek to control and justify their actions.  The law, religion, a topic or any other piece of bullshit they can use.  We are not stupid. Mustafa from Egypt, or Vladimir from Russia, or Tom from USA, or Peter from UK, or Pierre from France, or Jose from Barcelona, or whoever we socialise with, we are all equal.  We all deserve the same respect an understanding, as well as the cultural differences.  Having travelled the world, and lived in and with many different cultures, there is no difference, we are all One.  Why is it that the media promotes this difference?

Things Falling Apart

Whilst the battles are fought in the Middle East in the name of whatever, how did we get to this state of affairs?  Who says that the issues are about terrorism?  What if we look at this differently?  Who is invading who?  Trump and his cronies promote the fact of terrorism…is this something they have created themselves or a reality that man has?  In effect, a group of profiteers turned up, found a commodity and decided, fuck it this is ours, and began to take it.

Therefore the aftermath is the locals defend and protect it from an opposing force.  This aftermath is a human instinct, which dates back to the beginning of time.  Come and take my stuff and I will do my best to prevent it.  The issue today is the power players are using it as a valid justification for pillage of sovereign nations.  It is not mine or your wishes to attack another person or nation – but so many buy into the stories created by the power players.

Let’s take a stock of the situation for a moment – there is no more a European Union, a free movement of people with limited controls.  Today there is a massive wall of steel between EU and Schengen zone, and those that enter are scrutinised for wanting to enter.   The ideal of a union is to allow the freedom of movement of goods and people.  Today we have rigorous vetting and examination of those that believed they were free.

The union is falling apart because I does not function, and this can be seen from the people of Great Britain.  The European Union is finished in its current form, yet portrays another story to the outside world.

Power Of Your Voice

Isn’t time for US as individuals, to make a stop to the elite and politically ignorant?  When you voted, did you agree and accept your country to treat other nations as a door mat? Did you agree to go to war, in the name of religion or the desire to be free?  There is so much more to all that is reported and especially what the government’s claim to be real.

We, yes you and I, are being led, like lambs to the slaughter.  The media tells us what is true (according to the directive of the leaders), when in reality it is far from truth.  I suggest you go to the streets of Moscow, Cairo, Islamabad, Beirut, Delhi, Sydney, New York etc and see the truth.  The rest is an illusion, and is being created to justify the actions of today.  The power houses of the world are playing a game of chess, with our lives, and that of our children and grandchildren.  Is this what you want? Can you not see the illusion?

Now is the time, as a human being, to reach to the depths of your inner being, to remove the conditioning and programming of society.  You have to see for yourself the reality, and stand alongside your fellow brothers and sisters and decide where you are going.  Freedom is a birth right, but one that we determine for our self.  Far too many are being drawn into the idea that war is great, and we are defending a nation’s rights and freedoms.  Who determine these basic principles’ of our existence?  We do – not the idiots that pretend to run the nations.

Today is the time for transformation of the space we live and the attitude we have towards each other.  I love each and every one of you, because you are an amazing person.  This is the basis of our existence on this planet – share this love with whomever you come into contact with, and be the love that you truly are.

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