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Enjoy yourself!

lighthouseThere comes a time when we shall enjoy ourselves, and I urge each of you twins to really take a day off from everything, completely detach from all dimensions and really enjoy yourself.  Treat yourself to a day of self gratitude and appreciation – have a party in honour of who you are, be happy, joyous and celebrate the wonders that are coming – the lighthouses are lighting all over the world, I see them everyday, the energy is lifting and we are all attracting our soul families. Take a day exclusively for you, and reap the benefits and rewards, for you are worthy of all, you are love.  Forget the mobile, the internet and anything that connects you to the outside world, get on a bus, boat or whatever to get away from where you are, and I strongly suggest a place near water.

We are connecting with our soul families in all corners of the globe, we are having soul memories, we are clearing our vessels in readiness for the journey ahead.  I sense that those with work still to do are being put under extreme pressure, or even being tempted to give up as they just had enough.  Should this be your situation, remember it is your free will which path you take – if you are under pressure, this means there are some areas you have not worked on – and I do strongly believe it is not spiritual work needed.  I speak to people everyday about their lives, and 95% have forgiven, but not forgotten, or still have some “obligatory love” for some reason or another.  I dont like to repeat myself, but as a light worker and a teacher it is really time to say it again.

Get to grips with your psyche – and this will open Pandora’s box!  I urge you to do this, if you are under pressure or temptation- I cannot stress this enough.  Our mirror is all of us, in all dimensions, in all paradigms and in all facets of our lives.  How can you ascend if your psyche is still a little off balance?

I was compelled to share this, as this is what I hear and see every day!

As for the celebration of yourself, you have achieved an amazing milestone, I do sense there are some amazing things about to happen for so many, my intuition has been burning for the past few days, and my day yesterday was exactly that.  I spent a day in paradise, and it did not cost me one cent, I enjoyed an Island 1km from my home – and it was a little piece of heaven.  I don’t need to go anywhere for a vacation now that I have been to this place.  I spent 3 hours swimming in the River Danube and feel totally cleansed, very biblical don’t you think !!  Take it for yourselves guys, you deserve it.

Am I closer to my twin? Yes, and I will share more about this as soon as I feel the time is right.  Are twins reconnecting? Yes they are, and it is beautiful – remember as Twins reconnect and/or merge again, this has a tremendous ripple affect on us all, keep the vibes high, no more lower vibrations, it is not necessary – think positive, believe and more important be grounded in nature.  You deserve a day to yourself – so take it and enjoy it!

Have a great weekend.

Much Love and Light


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