Ankur – India

Dear Deane

I had been willing to write this for a really long time. However, everything got in my way and I had to wait for the divine timing for this. And as we believe, expect the unexpected, here comes my dear testimonial for you.

We all are walking our journeys towards the highest light. And the challenge with us is that when we need and require, we look for only the highest advice alone. There are many who can suggest this and that, but the one who has once tasted highest has an acute sensitivity to identify what is born out of the highest frequencies and what isn’t. What is liberating and what is binding. What is expanding and what is contracting. The one who has tasted the highest atleast once can sense that. I have always found it so challenging to find a friend, a soul brother or sister, an elevator whose words would actually help me expand further and make me ensured of the pure highest source of their origin.

And that’s exactly how I felt when I once had a session with you while I was somewhere stuck in one of the most critical phases of my journey. And I must say, you really helped me feel the expansion that I was looking for. The discussions, the chats and every exchange of energy with you has been delightful as always. Today when I turn back and look at the times when we were in regular touch, I see you had a significant role to play by contributing in my unique journey in your very own unique style.

Thanks for being you. You ll always be remembered and felt around without any due importance to physical separations or lack of physical communications between us. I can often feel the connect.

Heartfelt gratitude again.

And sincere apologies for the delay, but I strongly feel you are reading it in the most apt time.

All Love for you