Annette – USA

I feel very fortunate to have connected with Deane.  From the very beginning of our interaction, he put me at ease and I was able to feel that he was a special person!  Not everyone has a gift for not only listening with such empathy but able to relate to someone and advise them so quickly and so effectively.
 I am no stranger to the path of spiritual development and am myself highly empathetic and intuitive.  I have spent most of my 56 years providing my own guidance for many I have known with astrology and tarot, and opening up people to the concept of lightwork, but everyone like me, also greatly benefits form meeting and connecting with others who can reflect to us own own issues and challenges with fresh insight.  Deane is absolutely a man who has that ability.
Having gotten to know him (or having had several sessions with him) over the last few months, I can say that he is fearlessly able to be one who never shies away from his own introspection and the revelations that truly objective analysis can yield. For that reason alone, it is imperative that any who feel a  desire to make contact with him do so.  In my experience, more than a few people in this field of service have good intentions, but fall short of providing real purpose and guidance.  Deane, with his words, his expressiveness and his energy can help any, male or female, who reach out to him.
For me, has been instrumental in helping me to remember to take better care of myself, to put my own needs in a more healthy prioritizing while still seeing that there is no need for guilt when I have felt as if I was falling short of my own expectations.  Deane’s guidance helped me in seeing my own issues in terms of a bigger picture and realizing when I take care of myself, there is a better Improved me to function.  How many times do we women especially get lost in the ideas that we don’t matter because others need us so much??  It is empowering to have Deane’s help in knowing that there is a better more balanced way!!
Thank you, my friend!!
Annette - USA