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Annette – USA

I feel very fortunate to have connected with Deane.  From the very beginning of our interaction, he put me at ease and I was able to feel that he was

Claudia – Spain

Deane is very helpful and kind and uses his wisdom to help others. I am very grateful to know Deane! He helps me a lot during my TF path! Thanks

Maria (es) – Honduras

El camino hacia la Unidad es uno muy dificil y se facilita si encuentras un guia bueno para acompañarte. Deane Thomas es el compañero perfecto, un gran filosofo y apoyado

Maria – Honduras

The path to One is a very difficult one and it is easier if you find a good guide to be with you. Deane Thomas is the perfect companion, a

Jackie – UK

Deane has been my guiding light Through my journey gave me the mindset to understand what and why I was feeling was my support throughout I am so grateful for