As you travel on the spiritual journey it is important that you have the right support and ability to communicate with someone that speaks and understands your language. I am able to do so, especially when something happens that your logic does not quite understand.  The many messages and mood swings that we all go through on this path are sometimes difficult to interpret and you need someone who is not subjective to give you guidance – this I offer and continue to do so for many on this journey!

Here are some testimonials from those that have I have assisted – details are provided where they have agreed for their personal details to be shown.

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Now that you are ready to embark on the transformation it is important that you feel comfortable with the person who is going to guide you on this path of wonderful discovery, I look forward to helping you too.



“Deane is an incredible wealth of inspiration and wisdom. From his own personal experience and journey through the universe, he supports other light worker’s journeys back towards the divine source. His work guides you to follow your heart to make choices that will serve your highest good. I highly recommend and appreciate his thoughtful guidance.”
NICOLE ZAAGMAN | Founder/CEO of LUX CHIX. –  June 2015


“With Deane’s help I grew to embrace my twin journey. He knows exactly which questions to ask and is brutally honest in his advice. Because of him I have grown light years and have become a much happier person! I am sure he can do the same for you!
Caroline – June 2015


Deane’s compassionate, honest, direct voice has provided me with the guidance my soul needs. I appreciate his experience and strength, but, more than anything, I value his honesty. After speaking to him, I was not only more aware of my patterns that needed to change, but on a soul-level I was opened up to greater truth about myself and the reality of the TF connection. Additionally, he shared with me invaluable meditations and affirmations that continue to help me. He instils a sense of peace and serves as a reminder of divine timing. I’m eternally grateful for his continued guidance.” -Katy, 11/6/15


“Deane served to me as a beacon in moments I couldn’t see clearly. Not only in his kindness but also in being an example by walking his talk. Determined, kind, loving, gutsy are words that come to mind. Deane inspired me to go deeper and seek for answers on my quest. Always ready to offer insight and a listening ear. I thank the Universe for putting him in my path. He helped me to light by being the beacon. Namaste.” Anonymous – June 2015


“Deane has been my guiding light Through my journey gave me the mindset to understand what and why I was feeling was my support throughout I am so grateful for his inspiration and thoughtfulness throughout. But mostly his listening ear when I needed most.”    Jackie – December 2015


“The path to One is a very difficult one and it is easier if you find a good guide to be with you. Deane Thomas is the perfect companion, a great philosopher and based in his own experience a incredible advisor. Not only helped to make my way clearer but less painful, he helped me to find my own truth and live in peace and bliss. I wouldn’t doubt on recommended him as counsellor for your journey!!!  


El camino hacia la Unidad es uno muy dificil y se facilita si encuentras un guia bueno para acompañarte. Deane Thomas es el compañero perfecto, un gran filosofo y apoyado por su propia experiencia , un consejero increible. No solo me ayudo a que mi camino fuera mas facil sin menos doloroso, el me ayudo a encontrar mi propia verdad y vivir en paz y jubilo. No dudaria en recomendarlo como consejero en tu viaje!!!” Maria – December 2015


“Deane came into my life in April of 2015 when I was in a very tumultuous part of this twin journey. He help to ground me, and offered support that was of the utmost help to me in my spiritual growth. Always there to lend a helping hand with words of wisdom and loving words of encouragement. I am grateful to have found Deane when I did, and I am grateful that he is still in my life today.” Terri, December 2015