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When life suddenly becomes full of suprises – Thank You!

alexandria lighthouseFirstly I have to thank you for reading my articles and posts – I am grateful for the kind comments you leave, and for the inspiration.  I haven’t written on my site for a little while as I have been really busy resolving the issues in my 3D world, yet quietly in the background some amazing things have happened.  The more I observe this journey I can see the inspiration I can be to others, I am beginning to see more clearly my mission and purpose.

Recently I formed an alliance with Carrie Turcotte, who is also enjoying a twin soul journey – I have also submitted some of my articles to spiritual media such as OM Times, The Spirit Science and Educate Inspire Change.  When I did this I felt like I was stepping out into the limelight, I was not concerned about what others think of my writing.  I never imagined that one article could be read by so many in such a short space of time, oh how naive that was of me!!  As usual when something good is happening we are the last to know, so when I checked my in box on Sunday morning to see a note that my article was accepted I was happy – then I clicked on the link.

At that time I read there were like 8.1k shares, I was questioning myself is this possible – it was not a doubt it was a question.  The only way to get the answer is write to the publishers, which I did.  Of course throughout the day I was watching the comments on Face Book for this article as it was my own work, responding where I could, and helping when drawn to.  One thing, I know this for sure, and it is confirmed every day – we always do something for a reason, or we are in a place for a reason – I am very intuitive and could see one person struggling with her understanding of the whole phenomena.  I was not in my comfort zone, these were live postings on a major publishers FB feed, and in response to my article – yet I put all this aside and carefully read, digested and responded (oh how proud I am to know how to respond now!).

Within an hour I had a private message from someone who I knew was really in need of help – and I went back to the days of when I discovered all there is to know about the TF community and what the journey was about, the real journey not the superficial one that many like to paint it as.  Her own words to me were “I am desperate, I am ready to go to Psychiatric ward!” – I was stunned yet now compelled to help, I am after all a light worker, a teacher and a good guy   I gave her several safe places to go for information, face book closed groups where there is some safety, some videos to watch and some articles to read – this help will allow her now to discover herself what is going on in her life.  She reminded me of where I was not so long ago, on the verge of going insane.  I have left my arms open wide to guide her, but know inside of me, this is all she needed to ensure she gets to where she needs to, so you see I was in the right place at the right time – and this is happening more and more these days.  It is wonderful, and it is a pleasure to see the fruits of my own work materialise right before my very eyes.

So when I wake up this morning, and enjoying my morning coffee, I see my news feed in Face Book, and one of my soul sisters saying she is proud of the work I have done, and I looked closely at the post and see another article published – but this time based on my work, I had no idea what this was, so quickly went to check it out, and can recognise some of the words from the He Said/She Said work that Carrie and I are doing, and then the number of shares – it is incredible really, and I am humbled by this.  There is a new fire burning inside me, there is a phoenix rising, there is a passion yearning and most of all there is a message to be told – the truth about this phenomena.

I know now that my words are touching thousands of people, It does not change who I am, it does not change the way I think, what it does do is change the way I feel about myself.  It gives me a wonderful feeling of gratitude to my twin, for she is the one that released me, she has supported me in many more ways than she is able to comprehend today or even knows about.  The behind the scenes orchestra is playing merrily away, and the stage is beginning to fill with the scenery and props for the main act – I have this vision of Rapunzal or Romeo and Juliet.  To be honest guys, when I read the article this morning and saw the name of the author I was in tears – and then laughter.  The message is clear to me – and I know that in truth, and only truth can there ever be a reunion with my twin.

In closing, all I want to say is thank you for those who have helped and guided me to where I am today, thank you to those who have listened and been touched by my work, and thank you to the Universe for this truly amazing experience – I can say it was worth signing up for, may you continue to guide and protect me and allow my work to be spread far and wide, just like the rays of light from the lighthouse.


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