The day after yesterday!

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The day after yesterday and comes before tomorrow – is TODAY!


I would like to continue on the same theme as my last post, so you can get a feel for a real life situation – I will keep some of the details out that are meant for me and my twin – but the rest is very important to share.  Yesterday, that was Monday, was a very eventful day, but at the same time was full of challenges for many of us.  It would seem there are a great number experiencing similar feelings about this, a sense of detachment, no emotion towards twin, no feeling, an emptiness but at the same time a sense of peace and calm.

I sense that the “nothingness” or “lack of feeling” is what is needed, I believe it means we have let our twins go from the heart space (even though we may have let go emotionally) we have accepted the final outcome and surrendered our hearts to the Divine. Our everyday lives should now have a new sense of purpose, a new energy, full of passion and want, and possibly like never before – we are learning how to feel again in our new templates, how to live our new lives after the hard work we have done on ourselves; it is our peace which we should continue to enjoy, and as our passion for living continues our frequency becomes higher, and our twins will not be able to resist this. Also remember, we should be beginning to live our missions, this should be clear for you now where you are going in life. If you don’t then I am sure that it will come very soon, and is probably something you have thought of doing long ago, and has kept coming up in your life.

The centre of focus should remain you, there is no harm in sending your twin love and light, or even “thinking” of them, but try to do this in another dimension – make your day to day reality your focus, as this is your opportunity now to grow your new thoughts and actions.  Remember that you have shed many layers, you have many cleansed and resolved issues from may life lines – you no longer have the big bag of swag, so each day should become more and more interesting – but toddler steps, getting stronger each and every day.  It feels to me like I have refined my inner child, and as a great teacher recently shared with the twin community “The Inner Child grows up!” – Thank you Mel Brand for this wonderful insight!

AS for my new project – I had an amazing meeting with a gate keeper to the project – he has given me the value of his toll, now I shall focus my efforts on how I can obtain the toll to enable the project to move forward – I shall need help with architects, interior designers, teachers, builders, electricians and all of this team – as well I will be seeking a person who can be responsible for the overall day-to-day running of the project once it is finished.  If any of you are interested in helping, please feel free to email me!  I shall be publishing the project on a crowd funding site soon!  It is an amazing project that will benefit thousands not only locally but also on an international level.

Live for TODAY, tomorrow is too far away – Until the next time – Namaste!

This golden oldie also came in my dreams last night – it will resonate with those going through this right now 🙂

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