The Disappearing Mask!

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askdeano love poetryThe Disappearing Mask!

As I am drawn to my own inner space
There is an image of your sweet face
Clear as the sound of a chiming bell
Your eyes deeper than the depths of a well

The inner space is all now coming out to play
Time lines merging together more each day
Incredible as it seems there is no fear or doubt
Nothing that leads me to scream and shout

Except the words and thoughts of love
Fluttering inside like the wings of a dove
There is no doubt that this essence is pure
As if you’re going to walk through the door

Creating a sense of excitement and fun within me
Free as Mother Nature, flying like a honey bee
To the trees and plants, collecting my daily fuel
Quickly before the new dawn duel

The spirits are rising high the passion so great
There is nothing in the world for anyone to hate
With an essence of love we simply just adore
That’s all there is, except one last earthly chore

To be the love and man I came here to be
Reunited with himself for the rest of eternity
To see everything so clearly and without a mask
You were the soul that had to handle that task

Flames have reignited, and souls realigned
Light shining brightly, no longer blind
Thank you for all the ignorance and bliss
And the memory of our first hug and kiss

Until the next episode!! Adieu

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