The Ever Inward Journey

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I would like to share something that I am currently finding to be True for me and the Path that I am on. Please use your discernment as you read this, for who may know what is True for another?

I have found myself caught up in the Blue Moon and Blood Moon energy that is currently being spoken of. While this are magical moments full of potential, this events in themselves do not offer magical solutions. We have the free will to either embrace the energy or ignore it. We can set the tone, the stage, for magic to happen, yet the energy itself will not offer us solutions or the end result we are seeking.

Our journey, whether we are Twin Flame’s or Soul’s seeking Enlightenment, the journey is ever an inward journey. If we have not done the work inside of ourselves then the energy, the magic, of these moments will not be as fully manifested as they could be. For myself, I found myself pondering what the Blue Moon would bring to me. As I began to meditate on this I found myself taking the thought one step farther, what have I done to take advantage of the energy available?

In the end it is up to us to make a choice, to take an action. Or to not act if the action we would take would not resonate within our heart. We each have to make the choices that come from within our heart, from our Soul. If I do not do the inner work, then no amount of energetic moments will do the work for me. The journey that we find ourselves on requires a level of personal understanding, a self Love unfathomable!

Yet the ONLY way to that Self Love, to the relationship we desire with our Twin, is through the ever inward journey. It is a journey without short cuts. It is a journey that requires the Truth to be discovered within the individual. While we may be there to support others and be supported in return, the answers that we seek cannot be found outside of ourselves. Others may help direct is to information, yet it us up to us to do the work the is needed. It is important for us to come together and share what we have found to be True for ourselves. It is important for us to seek out others who have had similar experiences. Yet it is more important for us to use our discernment and trust our heart, our Soul.

The only person that can tell us when we will meet our Twin, when we will manifest our desire’s, is the person in the mirror. It would be nice if a legion of Angel’s came from above with a set of directions for us. It would be nice to open our email and find all the answers to our questions. The Truth as I believe is that the Angel we seek is in our heart. The email we would like to read is written upon our heart and Soul. The question is will we take the time to sit with ourselves and wait for the answers we seek?

As I ponder this I find myself asking what I can do to set aside time for me? What can I do to make sure that I am living as authentically as I can? What am I holding onto that I should let go of?

Thank you for letting me share a part of my journey with you!!! It Truly is an honor and a privilege!!! Namaste!!!


Rae K. H.th760KZOXA

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