The false idea of “separation”

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Twin Flame Body ArtI would like to share what I have found to be True for me and my path around the idea that Twins are in a “separation” phase. Let me begin by sharing my understanding of what a Twin Flame is. This is my understanding and is not True for everyone, so please use your own discernment.

I believe that a Twin Flame is One Soul in two bodies. I believe that as Twins we come here to anchor Love and Light, not only for each other but for those who have yet to Awaken. I believe that the each Twin has a purpose apart from a Twin relationship. While I believe that Twins are here to ultimately come to Union at a physical level, there may be some cases where the Spiritual connection and awareness may be the Soul’s mission. Either way, Twin Flames are connected at a Soul level we do not fully understand.

If we have met our Twin and connected with them does this not mean that at some level the Soul has made a connection? If our Soul has bonded with our Twin, how can we be “separate” from them except in a 3d concept of “separation”? Of course we want to share physical space with what I believe is the other half of our One Soul, yet have we not been blessed with meeting our Twin? Have we not been blessed with their presence, even if it has been turbulent? Have we not been blessed with a preview of what the future has in store for us?

If we feed the false idea of “separation” with our energy, thoughts, emotions, we begin to generate this false idea to our Twin. After all, they are our counterpart, our balance. If instead we hold a space of Love, acceptance, understanding, then this will be felt, at some level, by our Twin. After all, we are the creators of our story. If we focus on the false idea of “separation” then the Universe will respond to that vibration and create “separation” where there is Truly is none.

There is a time for each Twin to work on their individual karma. There comes a time when we do not share physical space with our Twin. This is a time that our world is turned upside down and inside out. This could be seen as the point in which our ever inward journey begins. This may be the time, or around the time, of the Dark night of the Soul.

Meeting our Twin is a Love story full of bliss and happiness. It is also a story of death and rebirth. Death of ego and of all the baggage that we are carrying from this life and past lives. This is a time of intense self confrontation. We have met our Twin, or mirror. And there are going to be things that we do not like seeing in that mirror. We are going to examine everything that we have hidden away within us and potentially find healing and peace. More important then that, we will potentially find a Love of Self we had not known before!!!! An unconditional Love for ourselves which also means an unconditional Love for our Twin!!!

The Path of a Twin Flame is not an easy Path. It is a Path that requires us to let go to the 3d world and 3d concepts. We are being asked to hold space of Love and Light, not just for our Twin, not just for ourselves. We are holding that Love and Light for the eventual enlightenment of Humanity. We cannot do this if we continue to hold onto false 3d ideas of “separation” or hold onto what has happened to us in this Life. If we want to be in a physical union of our Twin, and who amongst us does not< then the Path to that blissful union is inward. We can encourage each other. We can cry on each other’s shoulder. We can share our journey. Yet no one can do the inward work that is required for us to do. No one can offer us our Truth. The road to bliss is always in the heart of the individual.

I often find myself pondering what it is I can do today to hold a space of Love and Light. What act’s of kindness can I offer so others may feel Loved and appreciated? What can I do today to make the world a bit better? when I find myself pondering these idea’s, I find the answer. What would I do for my Twin? What would I appreciate some one else doing for my Twin? Thank you for letting me share a part of my journey with you!!! It is Truly an honor!!! Namaste!!!

Rae K. H.

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