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My Path Ahead!

I remember when I was 15 and having debates with my teachers!  My English literature teacher was one that always said that I would never pass the exams or achieve anything with my writing skills.  I am sure she was eating humble pie when she saw that I did pass English Literature (the only exam that I did!)

I have shared my life experience, journey, knowledge and wisdom so that others may benefit.  It has allowed me to guide many on their path to transformation.  It is an honour and privilege to assist others and help them to achieve their highest goals.  It brings a smile to see the many students reaching new highs and achievements.

As we grow and learn, we begin to recognise the whole purpose of our awakening.  The breaking of chains and limitations that have kept us tethered for so long.  When we reach the point of understanding, the universe then cleverly reminds us of why we are here in the first place.  Our life experience is all the information we need to realise why we are here.

When we put the pieces of our life together, we see our strengths and weaknesses.  We see where we made deviations, and we see today how we are able to change the outcome.  You see it is the disassembly of our own life experiences that leads us to the truth of our purpose here.  It has been necessary to encounter all that we have, so that we have the opportunity to create our desires and goals.

Life is cyclical, as is the planet, as is the universe…this is something man has tried to convince us otherwise.  When we remember what we have done or encountered we will see a pattern across many years of our life.  It really is our own choice whether we choose to repeat the same things, or to change something and reach a new level of understanding.

The only truth we will ever need is that within us; it is the basis of all of our existence, everything else is an external element we can utilise to achieve our highest wishes.  As we begin to integrate the reality of who we are, we can begin to build the life we wish to.  No longer will we rely on external sources for direction, as our own internal senses are alive and kicking.

It’s a reminder that we shall remain conscious of the journey we have embarked.

Spirit will always bring us experiences to deal with, even more so now we are awake and aware.  It’s a reminder that we shall remain conscious of the journey we have embarked.  Staying focused on what serves us, and humanity, instead of following the mainstream trends.  This is what makes us so different to many on the planet right now.

It is time to step forth and assume our role in society, and share the knowledge we possess so that others may grow too.  I do believe that many have reached the point, like me, where it is time to completely embrace the world in a physical way.  Stepping on the stage and doing the real 3D work we came here to do.  It is only through real physical transformation can we expect things to impact the space we live today.

In July 2014 I was introduced to the great-great nephew of Nikola Tesla at my step son’s school in Budapest. Within a matter of weeks my life was completely transformed into a whole series of people leaving my life.  My 2 youngest children leaving for Australia, my fiancée and her son leaving for Moscow, my business collapsing, and me relocating to another country with my eldest daughter so she could continue her education.

That was my wake up call, as it was for many others that I am connected to.  I can see how this meeting created a ripple effect outwards, and no matter how hard I tried to resist, it was impossible.  We are not in control, although we do like to believe we are!!  Whilst I continued to go within, and heal…it became clear who the various “players” are in my life.  Seeing the various roles they play today and in previous lifetimes too.  Putting together the memories and experiences to form a clear picture.  Removing the bits that no longer served, making peace with trauma, as well as recognising the love that is inside.

This work is imperative for the future generations, because it is helping to heal the generational trauma.

On 22nd April 2015 I launched my website, and began to share my experiences as well as my philosophies of life and the universe.  This work is imperative for the future generations, because it is helping to heal the generational trauma.  It is something that I will continue to share with the world, so that we don’t forget that aspect we need to heal.

Throughout the last three years I have put together the puzzle many times, just to be sure that the complete picture makes sense!  What I can share with you, is the connection with Tesla is very much alive today.  It is this path that I shall now embrace fully; which means stepping into a whole new world of business and commerce.  One that I have many years’ experience, and one where my ego has usually won!!

What the Universe has presented is an incredible opportunity to my colleagues and I.  Each of us has gone through similar situations in our lives.  Each of us has complimentary skills and more importantly the determination and will to find solutions.  We are at the point of no return, as well as one of no known future.  We simply trust in what we feel inside, and are guided accordingly.  I can tell you it is quite an experience to sit in a room with 5 awake entrepreneurs’!

I can see now, the reasons for all the life experiences I have encountered; I can see the reason why I have done the things I have.  It is all an amazing tapestry, which reveals hidden secrets each day, it is an incredible real life story that films are made of.  Yes I often pinch myself and ask is this real!  And it is very real.  Despite all the pain, tears, trauma, suffering, today everything is simply wrapped into one life experience.

It is the experience of a lifetime, quite literally!!  I have no idea where this path is going to take me, but I do know, it has already taken me to places I have been before.  Russia, New Zealand, Australia, UK and the Balkans.  As with everything, we make a decision that is for our highest good when situations arise.

It is now necessary for me to channel my energies where they are needed the most.  For me now, the Tesla project requires my full focus, so something has to change.   This means that I will be less active writing and informing via my askdeano website, for the foreseeable future.  For those that are interested in learning more about the new Tesla project you can see more here!

I want to thank each and every one of you who has supported, guided and worked with me over the past 3 years.  It has been a pleasure and honour to share with you. I love you all!

Now it is time for me to truly go and light the world!


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