The Gates To New Earth Are Open

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As the outside world around us seems to be falling further and further into disarray there is one saving grace to all of this. We are awake and full of love.  If we are not laughing at the mainstream media, and the actions of those that are governing, we will crack.  Being aware of the misinformation is one thing, transmuting the energy it brings is another.  This is where all that we have learned during our life will come in to its own element now.

When we walk through our own cities we sense the warmth we feel inside, and we allow it to fill us and filter into the community.  Bringing understanding and compassion to those that may not understand or comprehend what is happening in the world.  Being patient and considerate with our loved ones and family members.  Sharing our positive energies is what we can do the most effectively.

Taking responsibility for our own actions, and not passing judgement on others is critical, as this can often become very contentious.  Sharing our own perspective about our own micro-cosmos and sharing it with others who are listening.  So many are afraid to ask a question, or when they do, it is in the wrong place.  There is a lot of confusion, and differing views, so it is best to stick to our own truth and views.

Our actions and words are the way in which we maintain equilibrium on a daily basis, along with copious amounts of positive energy and self-love! When we connect with other awakened individuals we become a powerful energy that literally become a beacon of healing light.  The more we are able to connect with others, the more we are able to share positive vibes.  Of course there are always going to be some low vibrations, our challenge is to transmute it.

Reach inside yourself for the answers and solutions, and with other awakened individuals, and follow your heart.

There is no point in reaching out to those that are allegedly in power for help and assistance, as they are running around in fear.  In addition they have no interest is helping us to understand what they have allowed to happen.  Reach inside yourself for the answers and solutions, and with other awakened individuals, and follow your heart.

One thing that is for certain, and as mentioned in the live broadcast made on Monday, we are love, we are full of love, and this is not time to allow ourselves to become loaded with others toxicity, and that includes media.  It is our love that will allow us to rise and surf these times, we will be protected and will bear witness to the shift in consciousness.  We cannot avoid what has to occur; we have been trying for decades to control Mother Nature, but she will have her day.

Love Is The Energetic Answer!

Man has tried in vain to manipulate us, and now it is time for that to come to a glamourous end.  In some ways we are blessed to witness the show, I can only imagine what it was like in the 30’s and 40’s.  This is the time that we will heal the trauma that has built up for so long, because we finally realise that in order to be free, we need truth.

Love is the energetic answer, along with our own positive deeds within in the community. It is the community spirit that we have heard of for millennia, which we will remember.  Love and Community in harmony with all that is and each other.  These memories we had as kids, as did our ancestors, it is time to put them into action.

We are born to be free, to be love, and to live our lives on this amazing planet we call Mother Earth.

There are glorious days ahead, no matter what we may think; for any change to be really effective something has to give way.  All the work we have done, has given us the opportunity of creating the wildest dreams we have ever had.  We are creating our own Heaven on Earth, with the New Earth energies, and this is our drive forward.  Imagine how it looks and feels, then begin to create it yourself.

What is happening around the world is simply a larger scale of what we have been through, and if we are honest, it is necessary.  We are ready now, as individuals, as a family, as a community, and as a race.  It is time.  Integrating all that is, with all that has been, to create unity!  Communicating in the same language, with the same values, and desires.  We are born to be free, to be love, and to live our lives on this amazing planet we call Mother Earth.  Now repeat after me…I AM FREE!


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