The letting go still continues!

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The Letting go still continues!

11391555_576478165828806_4313021712351855714_nAfter much hard work and energy was put into finishing and launching the Lighthouse Project, I woke up this morning after having one of the most strangest of dreams – I was confused, felt empty, felt down and felt disappointed.  I realised that I did have expectations, which is an ego trait…I reached out to a very dear friend of mine who gave me some insight to the dream and the messages that potentially were there to be taken..I love friends that simply say it like it is (much like myself!) and offer a helping and guiding hand when we appear to be uncertain; she told me that there is still a piece of me that needs to let go of some deep pain that lies within my heart, to free myself and surrender to complete trust and belief in who I am.

So Who am I? I am a man that has lived a wonderful life, and possesses an amazing heart and soul, one that really would like to change the world, and help others to become at One with themselves.  I have volunteered myself to this project with all my heart, and I know that the lighthouse is all me, it is who I am, it is why I was incarnated on this planet, for a higher purpose.  I have learned all the necessary skills from my life to make it happen, and I have connected with others who are able to offer the skills that are needed to ensure the project is a success.  I will continue to connect and cross paths with others who are integral to the ongoing success of the project, and I know that between us the project will be funded and realised.

So having realised these skills, does this determine Who I am? No! I am a human being with a purpose, which comes from the heart; but still have some of these “ego” moments, as I mentioned above – expectations, lack of patience, emptiness, disappointment – so to become my true self I must continue to work on the inner me, on the spiritual being, the very core of my soul.  Yes, to deal with more release, more tears and more emotions – am I ready for this – Yes I am, and will do so.  I realise this journey is such a privilege, an honour and something I volunteered for. This is not something I would have done if I was not that strong warrior; there can be no stone left unturned in the discovery of our true self, we continue to search high and low for triggers – we are guided to confront our “demons”, it is a personal choice whether we do or not put them to sleep, and zap them with our beautiful love.

So who am I? I am Deane, I am a wonderful man, with a beautiful warm loving heart, ready and willing to help anyone that asks for help, I am a visionary, I am a dreamer, I am a warrior, I am an empath, I am an awesome father, I am a tremendous lover, I am brave, I am a hero, I am loved, I am cared for, I have an amazing smile and laugh, I have a great sense of adventure, I am a teacher as well as a student, I am not afraid to say No, I am not afraid, I have no fears, I have no worries, I know that the Universe will take care of me, I am love, I am me. I am Who I am.

Patience is one virtue that has always been tough for me to swallow, as I am a determined individual – as all the above demonstrate, but I final recognise this is one of the most important things I teach – now I must practice what I preach – Thank you to my dear friends Carrie, Caroline, Corinne, for your eyes and ears as well as the intuitive guidance you share with me.  I am always learning and wish to learn more – Remember people we are not alone in this world – we are ALL ONE.


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