The magic continues to happen!

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Things happen for a reason – the Universe continues its’ work!


The story evolves even further today, in spite of the way the planets affect so many of us, I continue to see the true wonders of the Universe unfold in my life, and in the lives of those I hold in my heart.

In spite of a hectic 24 hours in the collective, and yes it felt like a grand meeting of AA in the twin community was unfolding last night!!  We try our best to keep the collective vibration as high as possible through our active work in the various forums we assist in, it is a tough role sometimes to keep several thousand as informed as possible about what is happening, or by offering a hand to hold, or arms to hug or even the odd joke to raise a smile and chuckle of laughter – we do this because we love what we do, and we know that this has a direct impact on raising the whole collective.  As each of us deals with another issue, we shed a part of the old template we once had as a fixture in our lives and the new is gradually taking shape as each minute of the day passes.  Please keep up this tremendous effort, the way you grow will be noticeable on a daily basis.

For me the feeling of emptiness yet full, uncertain what I am doing or where I am going, no fear even though faced with imminent necessities and obligations, a big feeling of peace and tranquillity, as well as no bad memories flying around my brain – this is something quite remarkable, yes if I look hard enough I can find – but it seems that these are now long gone – there is only good and loving things to recall or think about – I am smiling and laughing more as each day passes and enjoying really what is going on outside my window and not on the news feeds.  I used to watch the news constantly BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg etc, I stopped this a few weeks ago, it is not important any longer, yet is was a major focus in my life prior.  I listen to music from dusk til dawn and only watching now Nat Geo and such programs when I want to really switch off – this is also becoming less and less – I am happy with myself, I am happy with who I am, I am WHO I AM, and it feels so f**king awesome – so I know that there is a whole new life ahead of me, with a completely new way of going about and doing things.  The Universe will provide what is for our best and higher good – this I now firmly believe – admittedly it is difficult sometimes, but then something will happen to make it all right.

Today I spoke to my youngest  daughter who is 12, she literally blew my socks off – I am so astounded by what she tells me these days  it is like talking to a grown person – it is a transformation in a matter of weeks and sometimes days – now she tells me she is an A grade student (she never was) in a school she started a few months ago, she is now learning yet another language (Japanese) on top of the 4 she already knows – she also told me she wants to learn Russian and French because she is inspired by my twin (that brought a tear to my eye), she is now eating healthy food and drinks literally changing her diet in a week to consume organic products, and organic drinks – she also has a new found passion for Art, and proudly shows her new creations – in addition she has told me today she has been having headaches, aching muscles as well as an upset stomach and cramps, and today she had a sore throat and cold like symptoms.  The symptoms pass within 12-24 hours, she also told me she gets tired lately, and it is funny when I was talking to her I was yawning, not because I was bored or tired either!  My eldest has also been suffering from stomach aches and nausea lately too.

What I feel is the jigsaw is rapidly being made whole, the pieces are positioning themselves in the right places literally in front of my eyes, I can see and feel changes in those that I talk to on a regular basis, I can sense their lives also changing, it is not just one or two people it is dozens of them – and just to end this article, I have reached a conclusion that all of these signs are delivered at light speed, it is a continual test of ones ego – so what are you going to do with all these signs I throw at you – are you going to let the monkeys come out to play or are you going to bolster your new template with love, happiness, smiles and laughter or are you going to make a U turn and react accordingly.  I was tested today, and a few weeks ago I would have reached out to my twin and said something – today I stopped, got in my helicopter and had a look from above, and said “you know what, I am happy like this, I don’t need to, I want to enjoy this pleasure and wonderful feeling of love inside for me and my family” – I have left it to the Universe to work its magic, to keep giving me the challenges, and I have a few coming I know as I have obligations, but I trust and believe everything will be just fine, it is how it is meant to be.  I know where I am going – and there is no place like home!

In closing – I just want to say that when you feel that things are too much to handle – If you are feeling strange, emotional, ready to give up – please read this – stop, take a break, take a few deep breaths, and surround whatever you are feeling with love and light, and then let it go – ask for help from your angels and guides – don’t allow the three monkeys to run around you today – you should be stronger now than you have ever been – but you may also feel at your lowest. Remember your old views are finally leaving you – the last remnants are clinging on for dear life – so just look in the rear view mirror to keep these things in check, but don’t make that U turn! have a great day – don’t worry, be happy! 

Thank you to the wonderful people who are sharing this experience with me, and for those that have and continue to help and guide me – I love you!


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