The Three Monkey’s and You!

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Don’t feed the animals!

quote-somewhere-there-was-once-a-flower-a-stone-a-crystal-a-queen-a-king-a-palace-a-lover-carl-jung-59-20-03I was deep in contemplation this morning about what is going on in my life, and how, in the space of 48 hours it has literally been completely changed by a decision my youngest daughter made.  It is a decision that is yet one more full circle on this really crazy journey through life, and brought back very fond memories of when I lived with both my daughters in Spain.  So, the decision she made – Daddy I want to come and live with you!  You can imagine that decision (as she did not pose a question) has created a substantial change to several people’s lives.  There was no debate, no raised voices, no animosity and no reasoning – it was accepted as her life choice, and one that will be respected.  Are we ready for this? Well are we ever prepared for major life situations when they actually happen?  I believe we simply adjust to the situation once the ego is firmly in place.

The interesting thing about this whole situation, is how there was so much peace, calmness and no stress – we have simply embraced the situation, and will now do everything possible to keep the peace in the air.  I know deep inside that the Universe will ensure everything will be just fine, I have to adjust a few things in my psyche and home situation, but this is going to be so less complicated to achieve with the new templates.

The point of sharing this with you is to demonstrate how quickly your life can change, how ever much you try to plan and control, there is always a beautiful (or not so) suprise that is going to bring you firmly to the here and now, back to living in the moment.  As in this real life situation demonstrates, expect the unexpected.  I am so very happy and proud that she made her own decision, and was brave enough to tell her parents, who also respect her decision; how we both handle the changes in our lives is for us to now determine.

With any situation in your life, it is your response that is so key to maintaining a good balanced outcome, not only with the situation, but also in your mind.  When we are confronted with what appear to be insurmountable issues always step back (take a break, deep breath) and clear your thought processes to allow a proper answer to come through.  If the answer does not come through be brave and allow yourself the chance to come back to the situation at another time.  Meditate, seek help from your guides and soul family, and then revisit the situation with a clear mind.  Never be afraid not to answer immediately, unless of course you are sure!

What I have noticed so much this past week, is the amazing change in energies, how we are really being tested and presented with similar situations that we have experienced before – many are trying to find answers from old data, that simply is no longer reliable.  When you are in the moment, your ego will try to fire up and blast you with old templates, but your soul is stronger now, it has the upper hand to be able to recognise the old and new.  We are building new castles, new lives, new rules and scenarios despite how deja-vu they may seem.  How you respond is so crucial to the outcome, it is highly likely that you will be presented with so many new situations over the coming days/weeks, that are going to be a test of your new path forward.

I know that many of you are adjusting to the new energies, and at times, do struggle – this is OK, reach out for guidance form your soul family, by now you know who they are. Please do not feed the animals with fears, doubts, worries or any other negative thought process – if it becomes too much, take a step back, breath and allow your self to push your ego away – literally visualise it, and allow the peace to come over you.

No matter what is going on around the world, send positive energy out – please don’t be drawn into the 3D tragedies that are happening, keep the focus on you and your loved ones, and allow the love between you grow stronger and the light shine more brightly.  We are strong and now we shall stand tall and allow our own love to be felt, it is time for so many decisions – don’t be afraid any longer.

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