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Another day and more positive awareness!

A friend of mine touched my soul today by suggesting I listen to the above track – Thank you 🙂 You know things really do change when you least expect them – and this is one of the key things to remember – the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.  It is impossible to plan anything or to make arrangements; as for sure as there will be a discount sale tomorrow, the universe will always throw you a curve ball.  This concept maybe hard for those of you still firmly stuck in 3D world (or cloud cuckoo land) but the sooner you realise the necessary the easier things will become.  When you get all your bugs, grudges, issues and oh those pain in the ass hassles out of your life, there is space for you to actually sit and do nothing – I can hear those voices now running around in your brains, but what if this, and that, oh he said she said, oh the list goes on – my answer to this is – so what does it matter?

Are you really happy digesting and processing the same information over and over again -I am sure you do130704041639-sesame-street-muppet-bert-ernie-horizontal-galleryn’t have the same meal everyday, but I bet you do the same thing every morning and every night – so let’s start by changing that shall we…instead of 1,2 or 3 coffees, let’s try something different…a freshly made juice at home, or a glass of milk or whatever tickles your fancy – and before you go to bed…there is bound to be a routine….change that too – get your brain in the mood for change, and you will change with it.  And if you find it really hard to motivate yourself, or to make changes then make a list and make it visible everywhere in your life.  This is called investing in yourself, and that is the beginning of a whole new chapter – I trust you see where the above is going, and how it will impact on your life from day one – again it is up to you to choose, if you want to stay in Sesame Street be my guest, but if you fancy Jack and the Beanstalk and climbing the giant plant into the higher realms, make the changes (the bigger the better) in you.


fiona and shrekNow to more fun things – During the day today I had an amazing conversation with my youngest, who just keeps talking more openly each day – it is a transformation in all mydonkey children, and one that I can feel despite the distance.  I had a series of car registration numbers zapping by me 111, 444, 4444, 5555, and just to top it all off 999 – as well as being in the right place at the right time to capture some much needed footage for a video I am making for the project.  I have invested a great deal of time into me – it did not cost me any money, but as I have always said time is money, and this is the best investment I have ever made in my life – don’t by gold or silver, Euro or dollar – buy yourself – and you will not regret it. I am going to keep a lot more of the developments to myself and my family as I sense now the Universe needs to be allowed to work her magic – I will continue to bring inspiration and motivation to you viewers and trust I will update when I feel important information needs to be shared.

In closing the journey is amazing, I am not saying it is easy,  – it has been hard, and especially for a person in the prime years of their life – it is an amazing challenge to completely start from zero, in every way, but I promise you that the end result is a place of happiness and peace, that you have never experienced before in your life.  If you would like some one on one guidance and assistance – I am going to offer new and old clients something special – but please to take this offer, you should be planning to make a commitment of at least 10 hours – so pay for 5 hours, and I will give you 10 hours of my time – this offer is only  is valid until the 10 of June 2015.

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Thank you and have a great day my twin friends 🙂

Time to get off the donkey and go it alone!!



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