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And the story continues….!

180px-Johnny_Gruelle_illustration_-_Rapunzel_-_Project_Gutenberg_etext_11027Well this amazing journey unfolds at a rate that I can not comprehend, it is very true that time has no meaning to a soul, it does not exist – I am in awe with what things have been accomplished by myself, but also by those that I have been fortunate to have connected with over the past few weeks – feels like a lifetime of work has been achieved in this short space of time – many many tests from the universe, but I can tell you the feeling today is absolutely amazing – In recent days I have taken a step away from environments and or activities where others ego was in play, or the space felt wrong, or uncomfortable – for whatever reason I have not questioned what comes from my heart, or the first thing that comes into my mind – I realise that these initial thoughts are the triggers for the ego to wake up.  If you can imagine those cartoons as kids with the devil and angel sitting on either shoulder, this is what has been happening to so many – now it appears there are now two angels and no devil – and that is how it should be .


We are human, and our egos will always come out to play, when necessary – it recognises when it needs to come out to play, we just need to be aware of when it is in play and acknowledge the situation needs to be handled with care – stop, feel and respond (there is a massive difference between reaction and response) – once we have mastered this the ego disappears into the background, sitting on the fence observing, and I am pretty sure it is just waiting for every opportunity to kick one of those angels from our shoulders.

There are lots of wonderful things happening around us, we may feel like we are in transit, floating around in space without a care in the world, and really the day to day problems seems to be resolving themselves, or alternatives being found, this is certainly the case in my life – all those immediate obligations were resolved, solutions presented themselves to me, without my request, and sharing this with my daughter, and for her to witness is a blessing.  The belief in yourself is the most powerful gift one has – this is the most valuable asset you will ever have when you truly do believe in yourself, with no fear, no worries and complete trust – you are at One – and this is when the magic happens.Devil_Angel_on_Shoulder

Each of us on this journey, has different talents or gifts that help us and our fellow twins on the journey – I am grateful for those I am contact with, I feel privileged and honoured to feel your hearts, to have an insight to what is going on in another part of the world, believe me it is an explosion of love and joy – feels like the 60’s again – the love revolution – I was not born until 1966, but have a feeling I was part of it in some way shape or form, I also feel a lot of you can resonate with that era – What ever happened to the hippy style culture?

Anyway, that is the news for today – there are a lot of us growing at a rapid rate – please don’t worry, have complete faith and trust in your inner feelings and child – this is essential now, you will find that you are not being exposed to any conflict situations, if you are – don’t panic, and say it is OK everything is going to be OK – remember there are tests each day, it is how you respond – if you react the outcome will be from your ego!

Have a wonderful day – and feel the air, feel the mood – take deep breaths and fill your lungs with love and light – we are going home!

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