Three, Two, One…GO!

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And They’re Off!

askdeano freedomWhat an incredible flow of energies we have encountered since the beginning of the year.  For many, the build-up began just before Christmas, around the Solstice period.  Since then, there has been a progressive flow of beautiful loving energy.  What does come with this also is the need for our bodies to embody the new way of BEing.  For those that are feeling the pressure, or anything other than very good vibes, take a look inside to discover the work necessary.  It really is time to place our own faith in all that we believe and feel, so that we can create the reality we truly desire.  This is not the time for doubts or fears. It is time for pushing through the inner barriers to a new level so that you can experience the all new you!

We are being invited to fully embody the new energies and to integrate them.  We will be pushed and pulled like a “morph” so that we get used to the new.  There may be a little body clearing happening during sleep, the dreams are lucid and vivid.  We may find ourselves going over and over within ourselves, this to really affirm our wishes, and to balance our intentions.  Have fun with the new thoughts and adventures that are being created. BEcome the energy and simply play with it, just like a child.  Allow all these vibes to be fully integrated into our own body.

Pondering questions in the mind is actually very beneficial meditation during this present time.  It is always good to affirm our desires, thoughts, and intentions are the highest vibration.  Once the Q&A is over, you can begin to visualise the outcome.  This is when we are able to really “feel” our manifestations running through our entire body and energetic field.  We simply keep creating more and more within our mind, in-turn the law of attraction begins to become effective.

Pure Heart Connections

Our pure unconditional love connections have been revealed also in the past few weeks.  Those that are set to be a part of our lives in the immediate future have already or are on the verge of making themselves known.  New connections will also begin to manifest, as our desires begin to be created in reality.  Many are still wondering why their lives are not going anywhere, or are feeling impatient.  This is a sure sign of some more inner work to be completed to fully process the new energies.  We are being pushed to the deepest truths, but what happens when we are pushed to these new places?  Amazing new insight follows.

We are truly being prepared for the wonders ahead.  Those that are close to me are already aware of the dramatic shift in my own life since the Solstice, this has continued, and I sit in awe many times each day.  What is happening is really such a wonder, but I also am fully aware it is I that is creating it.  Simply follow the signs, and taking an action, then allowing the energies to produce the result.  Even for me, the pace is sometimes very overwhelming, and I can suffer an outburst!  We are human beings and it is perfectly acceptable to get upset or angry, as long as we acknowledge it and let it go!

What’s Ahead?

There are much lighter energies in the air, but at the same time, they are being embodied at a deeper level within, so it may feel awkward.  There may be some internal and external body changes, along with deep muscle pains.  With the lighter energies, we can float along and really embrace our new self.  Each of our life paths, missions and journeys are unique – only we can determine how far we wish to expand or grow.  Love has the incredible ability to create anything and everything, especially at this present time.  Go with the flow, let go of any planning and simply just BE.  It really is time to make a decision and move forward in love action!  Let go of any perception of how it can be, and simply let the events unfold in a loving natural way!

Ripples of love have been flowing around the planet for eons, now it is time for all the ripples to merge and become a massive wave of love – it’s time to BE the Tsunami of Love and let it flow around us.  The more of us that are able to hold this space will benefit the whole collective.  If you are struggling to ride the waves, then it is time to get some lessons or a new coach!  It is happening, the shift is alive and real – what is approaching is wonderful, and together we can allow it to reach every corner of the globe.  It really is on our hands!  This is our once in a lifetime opportunity to shift the consciousness, it is time to join together, in mind, body and soul, and in Unity!  Follow the signs, feel with your heart, and we will see eachother soon!


If you are experiencing difficulties or would like guidance please feel free to book a session – you never know it may change your life!  Alternatively take a look at my new retreat programs.! Highly recommended, positive results are guaranteed!

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