Time To Write Your New Book of Life

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Incerdible shifts of energy, lots of self reflection and realisation – time to end the old books, and begin to write the new book of life.

We are entering a new phase of enlightenment and ascension, one where our minds must be free of distraction and those that continue to put things in boxes.  You are your own creator, god, master and in full control of your own path, it is how YOU wish it to be, not how someone elses tells you it should be.  Time for the preachers to stop preaching…I really have got to the point where I worry about the overall affect of certain preachers on the collective.  There are many who have built up reputations of many years, that are now ramming their opinion and their reality onto others, this is not how lightworkers should be engaging with their audience.

Sharing of knowledge and wisdom is one thing, but to say “if you dont do this, or stop this then it will never happen” – this is preaching, it is opinion, and it is detremental to the fragile states of many minds who are on the awakening path, or twin journey.  It is even more blatantly obvious the purpose of this type of message when it is followed by “Oh let me help you break this, or that….just one session we can achieve it all”.  Wake up to the illusion that is being created….how many of the promises have you heard form these “gurus” over the past year, or two or decade??

YOU are the single most important person on this whole journey, only you can decide what is right or wrong, dont let someone else say otherwise.

I can only share my truth, and wisdom – I share my reality with you so that you too may see beyond the smoke screens.


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