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Written By Rae K. H.

I would like to share a portion of my journey with you. I am only sharing what I have found to be True for me and the path I walk. Please read with discretion and discernment.

The importance of the inward journey cannot be understated. A part of our purpose here is to Love our Twin unconditionally. Yet in order to do that, must we not first learn to Love ourselves unconditionally? After all, our Twin is a part of us on a Soul level. In Loving ourselves unconditionally, we learn to Love our Twin unconditionally.

In finding the unconditionally Love, Divine Love, for ourselves, we potentially open the door for a harmonious Union with our Twin Flame. This does not mean that we will find a fairy tale happily ever after, yet it is possible. There is still work to be done between us and our Twin. There are things we can only accomplish, clear, release, with our Twin. Some of it karmic, some of it from this incarnation.

Yet, it all begins with the journey inward, to find the Divine within us. Yes, we are living the human experience, yet we are so much more then that. We are the embodiment of Love and we are here to anchor that Divine Love so that others may have a beacon in a world that is consumed by fear and propaganda. We are called to break free from the 3d mindset of what Love is, what life is. We are called to bring our 5d mindset into our human experience. To manifest our dreams, to follow our heart, to be free of the fear that is invasive in the world at large. To do this, I believe that we must continuously look within our hearts, to follow our instincts, to trust the process.

This does not mean to act recklessly, yet who can say what is True for another? We have all come here to this place at this time, with our own mission. Everything that we need for this journey, for this life, is within us. It is in our Soul, which I believe speaks to us through our heart. As nice as it would be to see neon signs with arrows pointing the way, it is the small tugs at the heart that are our guideposts I believe. And the only way to get in tune with those guideposts is to continuously look within.

There will be others along this journey who will help us, give us aid. People we can share our story with and get a different perspective from. We are meant to do the work on our own, yet that does not mean that we exclude ourselves from the world. Quite the opposite. It is very important for us to share our story, for in doing so someone may resonate with us and might provide them the direction they are looking for. I do not know how many times I have surfed through different groups and been inspired by something I have read, whether an article or comment. Sharing our story is important, as long as we remember we are sharing our Truth, not imposing our Truth on others.

By each of us sharing our story, or parts of it, we not only give aid to others, it helps us to process what we are going through. It gives us a place and time to sort through the feelings we have. After all, as we begin the process of building a harmonious Union, there we still be up’s and downs. We are not the same people we once were. We have all changed and grown. While the Soul is the same and we are more reflective of that Soul, we are going to have to become reacquainted with our Twin again. If the relationship ended roughly, there may be some trust to rebuild. If there are marriage’s, children, whatever is being cleared, there will be an adjustment phase as we begin to reconnect with our Twin.

The time is coming for us to be in Union for our Beloved. What we are currently experiencing, whether positive or contrast, is what I believe to be preparation for being in Union with our Twin. It all stems from our heart, what we are holding onto that we may need to let go of. What is right for us, and maybe changes we need to make for our Union to be as wholesome and healthy as possible. Yet to get to that Union, the only door is the one in our heart. To be in Union with our Twin, we first must be in Union with ourselves.

Thank you for letting me share a part of my journey with you. Namaste.

Rae K. H.

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