Awakening and Soul Cleansing!

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This journey is intense and sometimes hard

Not like kicking a ball in the yard

The years of hidden events come to mind

Now I can see them, no longer blind


To process these things inside my brain

Bringing to the surface all that pain

How much longer can it last

Until it stays in the deep past


Today I am lost and wonder why

I want to laugh instead I cry

But I know that this is all a must

Without this I can not have the trust


Of all the things that guide me now

A new adventure I know not how

I must surrender and release all of this

And get beyond the deep blue abyss


Please give me strength and wisdom now

So that I may learn and grow somehow

I scream out loud, please set me free

So I can see the colour and harmony


Deep colours that are all new and clean

I see the message that I should glean

Surrender and acceptance to my hidden life

To close the book on all that strife


Once this is done I will see the light

You show me this each and every night

I believe that I am close and nearly there

But you show me more, that hidden glare


It’s shining brighter, now I can see

One day closer to that perfect harmony

Stay by my side and in my reality

To allow me to reach that eternity


I am able to see this clearly now

I will get there some way and some how

Thank you for all your love and care

Now I am fully and truly aware


I am strong and brave flying high like a dove

Surrendering to your one and only unconditional love.


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