Tough day at the office!

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A day of emotions, headaches, tears and other such things!

11210464_1408356262821008_6070750594686021791_nWell my friends, it has been one of those 24 hour periods that has swept a lot of us into a very strange place, so I thought I would let you know that you are not alone.  It is important that we are strong during this time, these are tests of our determination, passion and resolve.  Many are suffering from head aches, chest pains, neck and should pains, stomach upsets and sinus or throat issues – I know that sometimes we think we are immune, but believe me, even I got hit for a six last night (home run for those who watch baseball!!) and was forced to stop all that I was doing, and just simply go to sleep.  It felt as if my head was going to explode, and a sudden wave of yawning and tears swept over me, I had to surrender to my physical state, and even cut a conversation with someone, it was that instant.

After my usual night discussions with my guides, I was compelled to release tears and some internal anger, or frustration (probably a combination of both) – yes I really would like my twin family to be together again.  I am determined in my resolve, to over come whatever obstacles, tests, challenges the universe throws at me.  Yes this maybe a brave statement to make, but I know within me that no matter the outcome I will be in a better place in all aspects of my life.

During the night I was disturbed many times by very vivid and horrendous dreams, that can only be from past lives, I was observing some situations from the barbaric days of old, where I believe I was a monk or adviser or even a priest – who knows, but I do know that I awoke sweating like crazy, but very calm.  After a while I managed to sleep again, for another couple of hours, and woke at 711am – to a head full of tears.  How I interpret this is a continuation of my deepest desire to reunite my family.  Even looking at this here and now, I realise it is a massive financial and logistical challenge, so there is only one thing to do – ass into gear and seek a solution!  This track brought some realism to the situation – I am doing it for me!

My daughter also had spoken to me before I went to sleep – she is the other side of the world, and she had throat and sinus problems then, this morning my time, these had gone away only to be replaced with headaches – so I guided her on what to do, and now she is doing OK.  It is not the first time she has gone through this, it is difficult for our children too, and it is important that we talk with them so they can be open with us too, as I wrote earlier, they are as much a part of our journey back to One as we are.

In closing, if we look at the astrology, planetary activity and all the solar flares of late – we can say the universe is orchestrating this and demonstrating her full glory to us twins and others on the ascension path, she is living up to her expectations – if we are feeling this, be sure there is something happening inside your twin also.  Stay strong – and if in need reach out for help – it is time for us all to stand together and keep the light shining in times of adverse conditions.

Sending you all love and light!


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