True Love and You – Video 11 July 2015

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Video Message – True Love and You!

alexandria lighthouseI was drawn to make a video today that was completely off the cuff – the title is appropriate and I share with you some more about my own personal journey, some of the real synchronicities I have today and from my relationship with my Twin.  I write and speak from the heart, I can only speak my truth and share what I feel and sense – in light of the so many definitions of truth being banded around – you decide your own truth and which information you decide touches your life and encourages you on your path.

I publish my work in an attempt to help those that need some guidance in self discovery during times of need, and some simple “real life” examples to go by.  If it sits with you then I am grateful.

Have a wonderful weekend and may the Universe fill your life with love and light!


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