Twin Flames Help – Divine Partnership Help

How Can I Assist You?

Having been involved in a physical relationship with my beloved, whilst neither twin flames helpof us realised the connection, we were feeling and experiencing every aspect of the Twin Soul Union.  I continue to live through the twin flame experience on a daily basis, this is why I offer Twin Flames help!

A Twin Soul or Twin Flame journey is not a romantic love affair between two individuals, it is not about romance at all, far from it.  Even though the very early stages of your physical connection may feel like it!!  Through out your physical experience, you will feel so many wonderful sensations inside you. The type of feelings you have never felt before as if you are on another planet, or in a trance.  Then, the trials and tribulations begin!!

Twin Flames Help

Working with me allows you the ability to share your experience in a confidential manner, we can communicate via voice or email, whichever you prefer. Our discussions are strictly private, and your personal details are never stored or shared with anyone.

You will be provided with useful tools and information that will help you understand more about yourself. We will discuss what is needed to ease the pain you will experience.  I promise to be absolutely 100% honest, so be prepared to hear what someone else sees in you!

During the sessions, you will be given some psychological tools that will help you deal with your everyday needs. As well as spiritual tools that will help you to complete this journey with yourself.  You can count on me to be there to hold your hand and guide you along the way, but you have to be prepared to invest your time and effort into this work.

You may feel like walking away, many times during this process.  It may feel that I am pushing you too hard or too far. When you pause and think, you will realise it is you stopping yourself.

Some refer to me as a Blue Ray Twin Flame, some call me a philosopher or psychic, others call me clairvoyant or a mystic, it does not really matter in the work we will do together as labels have a tendency of attracting stigma and expectations! When all is said and done we are all physic and have wonderful abilities waiting to be unlocked.


Deane’s compassionate, honest, direct voice has provided me with the guidance my soul needs. I appreciate his experience and strength, but, more than anything, I value his honesty. After speaking to him, I was not only more aware of my patterns that needed to change, but on a soul-level I was opened up to greater truth about myself and the reality of the TF connection. Additionally, he shared with…
Katy - USA