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I would like to share some of my truth with you today. I would ask you to read this with an open and discerning heart.

There is a lot of talk about what a twin flame is and is not. There is a lot of talk about real twins and false twins. There has even been a lot of talk about who is really a twin and who is not. All of this talk does is divide us, which is not of love. There is no right or wrong way to be a twin flame. There is no blueprint other than the one that the twins agreed to when they came here. My twin flame union does not look anything like the ones most people post about, yet it is no less magical because of it.

It is time for us to let go of these divisive ideas. It is time for us to put the labels down and open ourselves to love. If we have met our twin flame, then we are here to anchor in an unconditional love that is experienced by the Divine. How are we displaying that love if we are squabbling over who is and is not a twin flame? How are we manifesting the Divine unconditional love that the twin flame connection is if we are judging other people’s journeys?

If one feels drawn to date and see other people while waiting for their twin, then by all means, follow your heart. There may well be lessons to learn and tools to gain. After all, we are here to share in and anchor unconditional love. If we are not sharing physical space with our twin, why not be with someone we can love? Are we to hold back our love from the world? Yet if one feels lead to wait and hold a space of love for their twin and not actively date or see others, then by all means, follow your heart and create whatever space your heart leads you to create. After all, who are any of us to judge the journey of another?

That said, this does not mean that we do not need the comfort and contact of other souls who are on a similar journey. We are all looking for answers and there is comfort in knowing that there are others who understand what it is we are going through. Yet even in this, we must trust our hearts. The best advice will always lead us inward, for that is the only way to our Soul. This is our journey and no matter how closely someone else’s may look like ours, it is still OUR journey and OUR responsibility. Those who encourage us to look inward, those who sit with us and guide us inward, those whose gifts and talents lead us inward, all are leading us to a place of love and light.

Anything or anyone that tells us we are wrong, or leads us outside of our heart is not leading us to a place of love and light. The paths they offer will lead to our eventual growth through the lessons we learn that indeed, we need to follow our own heart. It is not for any of us to judge the validity of another’s journey and to do so is to participate in a divisive paradigm.

It is our purpose to be the love we want in our lives. It is our purpose to not judge others but to lift them up. It is not the job of teachers to offer weights to those who are seeking guidance. It is not up to a particular panel of souls to determine who is what and who is not. It is up to us to look to our heart and follow through with what we find there. And what we will find there will always lead us to our twin. It is time to stop looking outside of ourselves for solutions. It is time to stop looking outside of ourselves to point the direction to our twin. It is time to step into our purpose and our purpose is unconditional love.

Many blessings,


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