Twin Flame Journey – Self Mastery And Balance

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The Importance of Balance

I have not written an article for a while, and felt that today is a good time as any to do so.  Many things have changed in my own life over the past few weeks, with many challenges presented on the way.balance in all that you do is key for twinflames

What I do recognise is the significance of being grounded.  When we are in a constant battle for day to day living, we are focused on the things we believe we need to sustain us.  Our hard work provides an income to meet our earthly obligations, but what provides us our soul essentials?  We read about all the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle through diet, the benefits of crystals and other spiritual aids or tools.  When we look at this list, how are we reaching the right decision for ourself?

Everyday I briefly scan through what others are posting via social media – and remember how I first discovered information that lead me to make my own decision about who I am.  I began to join many groups that offered support and information, as well as tools etc to assist.  What I recognised was a glaring pattern of commercialism, as well as an arena for genuine souls to be taken advantage of.

As time progresses we reach a point where we can become drawn into a social media safe haven.  Others are experiencing similar things, have a common understanding or become “friends”.  We feel safe, therefore we become aligned with the energy, and start to become vulnerable.  I was prepared to do the work, and invest my time into confronting whatever was required to get to the bottom of whoever I am and meant to be going.

Self Mastery

In our vulnerability we become reliant in a lot of ways on that support mechanism, and a lot of time we actually lose focus on ourself and our soul needs. We spend a lot of time offering our own guidance, but fail to follow it ourself, creating an inbalance.  The support is an amazing and wonderful thing, and it is very interesting to learn and share from others. As with anything there has to come a point where self becomes more important.

Self mastery is an essential part of the ascension journey.  Being prepared to take an action based on our own guidance, and intuition.  When we begin to ask others what we shall do, we are effected by their opinion.  The wish to achieve something positive and life changing for ourself, needs to come from all that we feel and sense.  Once we are in a position of understanding, then we can make an action to effectively  trigger the Universe into manifestation our desires.

Should we decide to share our desires with others, what sort of message is this to the Universe?  If we ask others for opinion, it literally dilutes it, and will never be realised.  Self mastery leads us to a place where we are fully aware of our desires, but able to leave the how and when to the powers that be.  We begin to feel our energy and we project it outwards, to begin the wonderful manifestation.  Should our energies be in alignment, then there is nothing to prevent the manifestation being realised.

Thoughts and Actionswaking up is never easy

Should our energies not be in alignment, there is something fundamental that needs to change within us.  Our thoughts and actions shall be in harmony.  There is no point sending the message out of something you desire, and then thinking it will not happen.  The same applies to an action, if there is an alterior motive for your action the end result is also not going to materialise.  This is why it is important to be in balance and in tune with what is going on in and around us on an earthly level.  We need to connect with Mother Nature, and harness her gifts, at the same time we give back to her also.

Reliance on external elements dilute our own power.  We are our own God and Goddess, we harness our own energies and abilities.  By this we are the masters of our own destiny, it is all in our hands, and only we can achieve what we desire.  If a dog can sense your fear the Universe can sense your doubts also.  Whether we rely on religion, family, friends or any other external factor, we immediately lose our own power, as we are giving it away to an external element.

We have to look behind the veils of illusion that have been created, and this includes all that is written, and all that we have learned from a system. In addition we look into our own core self, and lift the veils there also.  I ask these questions often, and perhaps you should also.  Does it matter who runs the country I live in?  Does it matter what military action is occuring ? Does it matter what others think of me? Is it important what car I drive or where I live?

The Journey Continues

No matter the answers, they are yours, and your truth.  With that truth you can begin to find the balance and relevance of it in todays’ society.  Personally I answer No to all of the questions, because they do not serve me, or the path that I am on.  We are all One, we are citizens of the World, and we have an obligation to promote goodness and love.

It is only through our own internal strength, our remembering, and powerful energies can we begin totwin flames path stand tall and achieve OUR wishes.  We empower ourselves, we have all the answers within – take away all the surface nonsense and you will find them waiting for you!

As the journey continues, there are amazing shifts occuring.  Dreams are becoming far more vivid and significant, and our love for ourself is becoming more powerful.  Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines, for the journey continues, and I for one am more than ready for the path ahead.  I look forward to meeting and sharing with others along the road!

Sending you love and positive energies!


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