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An Amazing Feeling of Completeness – Moving Forward an an amazing feeling of completeness, and the beginning of new horizons.  I am so happy, really very calm, peaceful, in love and so overwhelmingly motivated to create some magic.  Love is contagious and these feelings will transcend over you as the love, and the power of love fills the corners of your body and soul.  I sense new horizons looming, something adventurous and beautiful, it is very difficult to put into words.

Before I went to sleep, my heart beat became very deep and meaningful. Then the butterfly sensation surrounded it, and boy do I know that feeling.  It is the feeling of when I first gave a hug to my twin, that feeling of a deep soul connection, warm tender unconditional love.  It is a feeling that lifts our spirits to new levels, to the highest realms, and allows us to truly love.  One important difference, I am feeling this in my physical body, without the physical presence of my twin. That to me is an amazing step and where I need to be to move forward on this journey.  There is no looking backwards, there are no regrets or woes, there is simply love.

A state of trance is very apt – I have complete trust in the universe.  I feel connected to myself in a new way one that will get me to where I am going and provide all that I need to enjoy every living moment.  For sure day to day living is essential and I can not forget these needs, yet again I feel that all will be provided.  I am very busy working hard helping others, working on my mission the Lighthouse Project, and I am also open to receiving also, this is so important and one that many of us light-workers tend to ignore.  We must allow ourselves to receive too, and not be afraid to ask for help from our guides, or whomever we feel can help us in times of need.  I am fortunate I have connected with so many beautiful souls, reunited with some key members of my soul family, who help me in so many ways, as I am sure I help them.

It is important that our energies are balanced, that our masculine and feminine are in tune with each other.  We have learned, I trust, that too much of one energy leads to consequences – good old cause and effect! There is a skill to maintaining this balance and I urge all of you to begin to master this, and practice it each day.  We have to invest time in ourselves, if most of our time is spent on others there is only one thing happening.  The energy depletion, the absorbing of others energy leading to your own body being all at sea and on a rough ocean.  Emotions and feelings become cloudy and foggy, just as if in a storm at sea, and if you have ever been in such a storm like I have, the one thing you are always looking for is a light on the horizon.

In our bodies the heart is the shining light, it is the centre of our being and creation -without this we do not exist, we can not function or survive.  Our energies are key to us moving forward each and every day, and if you have a hectic lifestyle, which seems to be a necessity these days, it is time to change that.  You have an important journey to embark on, there is a new horizon waiting for you – you will become your own Christopher Columbus, who set sail in search of the new world.  He led his crew over the horizon, despite all their fears and uncertainties and reached their destination, and to ultimately many new discoveries.

twin flames new energy
A walk in the park

So you see when you take out the clutter, the unnecessary social activities, the non-important friendships and family (oh yes family!) you begin to make space and time for you.  When you have this YOU time it is time to embark on a new thought process, not to sit and veg in-front of TV, step into nature and see what is going on around you.  Become in touch with the surroundings, if you jog, take a day to walk – walking is far more healthier for your mind than jogging.  Appreciate the wonders of nature, and you will find that as you do this each day come rain or shine you will become a much happier being.

We are all capable of changes, we are all capable of becoming independent, so many lives are codependent on false realities, pre-determined or pre-programmed by society, by our peers, by the marketing and creative geniuses of the world that drive us all to consumption.  If you go inside of a large corporation and listen to the discussions around the board room table – there is one focus on their minds, profit.  There is not one business in the world that exists for the sake of losing money – and even if we look at the world famous CEO’s who were once driven by passion, they soon became driven by profits or their investor demands – which is greed. Companies are interested in making things in the most economical way as possible to maximise the profit they have in their company and to sell as much of it as they can to us.

Imagine this, if each one of you that reads this article decided to remove some of the clutter from your lives, and instead of going out for fast food you actually walk around a fresh food store and but the ingredients and then go home and cook it, and then enjoy it.  The fruits of our own labour are wonderful – and if you have a family the smile on their faces when they have home cooked food is amazing.  These simple things have a massive impact on our lives, and it is time to start introducing them on a regular basis.

I have owned the same iphone since 2011, it maybe a little battered and torn, but it still functions, and performs the tasks I need it to – I am not driven to go and buy the iphone 6 or 6.1 or whatever is the latest on the market, why should I? Why do you have this need to have the latest technology, is it your wish or is it someone else pushing you to have it all?  Do you see where this is going? Stop and take a look when you have time, you will see this is the truth about the way we live today.  It is time to change for a new way of living – living for yourself!

Balance comes from within, the same as love – this love inside us is so strong and powerful, I would like everyone in the world to feel what I feel right now – it is unconditional love – I am love!  And remember you can be too.  It is time to be the captain of your own ship, and discover the new horizon that awaits you.

Have a beautiful day – Deane

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